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Year 5

Teacher: Claire Fraser


Welcome to Year 5 2021-2022



More London!

Third day in London

Second day in London

Year 5 London

Spring Term Art Today we enjoyed using our observation skills to draw leaves, plants and trees.

World Poetry Day


Today we enjoyed sharing a range of poems with the class.



In Science this term we are learning about Earth and Space. Today we made sundials to support our learning about day and night. We started measuring the shadows at 11am and then every hour after till the end of the day. This helped us to understand earth’s rotation to explain day and night.

World Book Day


Year 5 have really enjoyed dressing up as their favourite characters and sharing their books with the class.

Year 5 had a fantastic trip to The Eden Project. We spent the morning exploring the different biomes and then in the afternoon we took part in a Rainforest workshop. In our workshop we became part of a tribe and had to explore the rainforest biome, making notes of plants we could use to help us survive in the rainforest.

We really enjoyed our Forest School lesson today. We followed instructions from our current English book to build a 'survival shelter' from natural resources. We played some team work games with rope and also learnt about shelters we could pack and use on our own adventures in case of emergencies.

For our Geography topic we have been learning about The Rainforest. Here are some examples of our work this term:

Year 5 showed fantastic perseverance and sportsmanship in the relay races, well done!

Autumn Term


Year 5 really enjoyed their Bikeability lessons.

In Art this term we are looking at painting and watercolours. Here are some examples of Year 5 investigating paintbrushes, brush strokes, the work of Picasso and mixing and recording different colours.

Thursday 4th November- Year 5 have started a new unit of English based on the book 'Dragonology'. In this lesson, we choral read a section of the book and then created some actions to match the meanings of the words. We worked in partners to practise the reading and actions and then performed them to the class.

Tuesday 19th October- Year 5 had a really fun trip to Paignton Zoo. This trip linked with our Science topic living things and their habitats. We explored the zoo, spotted endangered animals and had two engaging talks from one of the zoo's educators!

Thursday 7th October- We had a very exciting Forest School lesson today and did lots of different activities. First, we talked about fire safety. Then, we created tree guardians using clay and resources we could find in nature. After that, we created mandala patterns using natural resources again. Finally, we had some fun building dens!

Thursday 7th October- Today was National Poetry Day. We read and enjoyed a range of poems and then performed them to the class.

Thursday 7th October- We have been making Christmas cards for an Art competition in the local area. If we win the competition our cards will be published and sold in shops. The money made from our cards will be given to charity! We will keep you updated on the results. Here are some of our lovely designs: