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Year 2

Teacher: Jo Whitney


Spring Term 2022


World Book Day:


Year 2 loved dressing up as their favourite book characters and sharing their favourite books with each other. Don't they look amazing!

Pancake Day!


Year 2 celebrated Shrove Tuesday by making pancakes and taking part in the school Pancake races. We also used our experiences of the festival to write an information text about Shrove Tuesday linked to our English unit of work on Festivals.

Chinese New Year:


As a class treat we spent the day celebrating Chinese New Year. We made Chinese lanterns, tried Chinese Tangram puzzles, read Chinese stories and found out lots of interesting facts about China. We also had delicious Chinese food that Mrs Childs made for us! We even ate it with chopsticks. We had great fun and it all helped with our English unit on Festivals!

RSPB's Big Schools' Birdwatch:


We took part in the citizen science project run by the RSPB to investigate the health of population of birds in the UK. Mrs Whitney came in to teach us all about birds and how to help them in our gardens. We made bird pudding to give them lots of energy. We also learnt how to identify common native birds by what they look and sound like. The following week, Mrs Whitney came back and took us around the school grounds on a birdwatch, we used the new binoculars the school bought with money given to them by a science fund. We saw lots of different birds and then entered our data into the RSPB's website so they could use the information.

Police Visit!


Our local Police officer came to visit school today. We got to look at his police car, hear the different sirens and ask him lots of interesting questions about being a police officer.

Autumn Term 2021


Design and Technology - Making a sandwich


In DT this term we have learnt about different food groups and planned our own healthy, balanced sandwich. Today it was time to make and taste our sandwiches!

Wild Tribe - leaf identification and treasure chests.


It was rather a wet and windy Wild Tribe session today! We played a game of 'Squirrels in a tree' to warm up and then learnt how to identify two new trees from their leaves: beech and hazel. We then went on a leaf hunt around the school grounds! We took our leaves back to class and used idials, iPad identification tools and books to help us identify them. We also decorated our egg boxes ready for our treasure hunt next week. We hope you like our treasure chests!

Science - observational drawing of flowering plants.


We completed observational drawings of flowering plants today. We used our scientific vocabulary to label them carefully. We made sure to look closely and make our drawings as accurate as possible.

Wild Tribe - Tree Guardians


Today in Wild Tribe we learnt how to identify the leaves from 3 native trees: oak, sycamore and horse chestnut. We played our circle game to help us learn their names. We then read the story of 'The Mud Maid'. This is about a guardian that lives in the Gardens of Heligan in Cornwall. We then made our own tree guardians from clay. It was great fun!

P.E. Gymnastics


Today in gymnastics we were practising 1, 2, 3 and 4 point balances. We then worked with a partner to create a routine using these. We had to hold each balance for 3 seconds!

History - Our trip to Deer Park Farm


We had an exciting day out to Deer Park Farm as part of our learning about Farming: Now and Then.


Farmer Martin took us into the field to explore the crops and machinery. He told us about how farming methods have changed over the years. We loved looking at the combine harvester and exploring the maize field. He also explained how he helps the wildlife on his farm such as leaving field margins and stubble for the wild birds. We learnt about an old tradition called gleaning. This is where the stubble from the summer crops would be left. The farmers in this area would then buy geese from Tavistock Goose Fair and fatten them up on the stubble ready to sell at Christmas!


Farmer Jeff took us on a tour of the farm to see the animals. We rode in a special trailer that was pulled by a tractor, it was great fun! We saw cows, calves and the bull, as well as sheep, highland cattle, chickens and even a lama!


We had a wonderful day and the sun shone for us!

Maths - 2 digit numbers


We made 2-digit numbers using different apparatus. We then compared them using the greater than, less than and equal to symbols.

Wild Tribe - Parts of a flowering plant.


In Wild Tribe today we played a circle game about parts of a flowering plant. This was to help us learn how to move around the circle safely ready for when we have a bonfire. Then we used natural materials we found around the field to make diagrams of flowering plants. We then labelled them using our scientific vocabulary.

Augustus and his Smile


We have been learning the story Augustus and his Smile for out English work this week. We made these wonderful models of Augustus using play dough!



We really enjoyed using the large apparatus in P.E on Thursday!

Special Books


As part of our R.E. topic the children brought in books that were special to them. We enjoyed sharing each others books and learning why they were special.