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Year 1

Teacher: Karen Garlick



Autumn 2022

Number Lines


We have been investigating number lines. We made number lines using different items around the classroom. 


We made our own paintbrushes and mark making instruments using items we found in the conservation area. We used mud, leaves and blackberries to make natural paint. We used these to create a collaborative piece of art. 

Summer 2022

Science - Seasons


We have explored our conservation area to find signs of summer. We noticed our season tree has many more leaves on it and the flowers have died as they make conkers. We found the apple blossom have changed to apples which are not ripe yet. We found that many of the summer berries have ripened and we picked some. We had so many left, Mrs Garlick used them to make jam. 

PE with Mr Jones

Victorian Seaside

Year 1 have enjoy a day at the Victorian seaside. We wrote postcards, enjoyed a Punch and Judy show, made tin boats and bought a penny ice cream. We compared the similarities and differences between the Victorian seaside and the modern seaside. We found out that Samuel Pepys wrote about the first Punch and Judy shows. We discovered that even though our clothes were bright and colourful, they look different in black and white photos.

Coastal activities

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Year 1 have been leaning about the different leisure activities and jobs that can be done at the coast. We made videos promoting our own beach and the things you can do at our beach.

What can you do at our beach?

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Visit our beach!

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Pond dipping 


We have spent time finding the creatures in the school pond. We found newts, nymphs, pond skaters, water boatmen, dragonflies and pond snails. We learnt how to care for the animals careful and compared the rules we had for rock pooling and pond dipping.

Coastal Survey - Wembury Beach 


As part of our science and geography this term we have been learning about coastal areas and the creatures which live in this habitat. Matt from Wembury Marine Centre came to talk to us about what creatures we would find and how to make sure we care for them correctly. We then went to Wembury Beach to go on a Rock Pool Safari. We found lots of different creatures, including cushion starfish, anemones, shore crabs and hermit crabs. 

We also made some beach art using the items we found on the beach. 

Year 1 Jubilee News Report

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For computing, year 1 used green screen to create news reports about The Queen's Jubilee.

Parts of a plant - Science


We have been identifying the different parts of a plant using bedding plants. We have been able to label each part. 

Abstract sculptures  - Art 


We have made our own abstract sculptures inspired by Barbara Hepworth. 

Maths  - Odds and Even 


We have been investigating odd and even numbers.

Art - Texture


We have been exploring texture in sculpture. We have used different tools to create texture and created an abstract story using these textures. 

Art - Sculptures 


We have been studying and creating sculptures in art. We have used natural materials and manipulated playdough to create 3D art. We have been studying Barbara Hepworth's art work. 

Science investigations


This term we will be learning about plants. We spent time in the conservation area where we looked for different plants and thought of questions we could answer this term. 



We have been learning about what it means to be Jewish. We had our own Shabbat and discussed what we would do if we had a day of rest. Some children said they would read, play with their dog or play in the garden. 

Spring 2022



Great Fire of London


Today we investigated how quickly the Great Fire of London spread. We saw that it spread quickly. We then wrote dairy entries describing what happened.

Cotehele Forest School Day


We spent the day at Cotehele making dens together, finding signs of spring, making tree faces and roasting marshmallows. We had a great day working together.

Pancake Race


Today year 1 took part in the annual Whitchurch pancake race.

DT - Fluorescent safety jackets 


This term we have been learning about safety jackets. We have investigated fluorescent colours and learnt how Bob Switzer invented them. We also created our own safety jackets for our own teddies.