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Teachers: Jenny Lane & Hannah Down


2021 Class


Keeping cool in the stream

Dartmoor Zoo Trip

Making clay food

Cooking an International Menu! This term we have made Mexican guacamole, and fresh Italian pasta with Zelda's parents

Sports Day


A huge well done to all of Foundation for taking in part in their first sports day

Multi Skills


We loved taking part in Multi Skills. We tried so many different sports including football, badminton, dance, basketball, rugby and jujitsu. 

World Poetry Day    

Today we celebrated World Poetry Day as a school and in class. In class we had several parent volunteers who read their favourite poems to the class. A big thank you to all the parents and Grandparents who got involved!



Foundation are noticing the changes in the seasons, so we went on a spring hunt. Here are the things we found:



We are learning about basic chronology and talking about things in the past, present and future. Foundation have enjoyed sharing their baby photos and discussing things they used to do in the past when they were babies. They will  be using these photo to make a simple timeline.



Meet the newest hand knitted numberblocks in our classroom

Shrove Tuesday


Foundation enjoyed pancake races in their house colours

Our Seasonal Dance


Foundation have read the story Serens Seasons and created a seasonal dance to Vivaldi classical music. Foundation performed their dance infront on Year 1 who loved it!

Posting Christmas Letters


Today we walked to the post office to send our letters to Father Christmas. Whilst we were there we helped people in the community to also post their letters. We then walked to the church to help our understanding of the meaning of Christmas for Christians. Once we returned to school we started to make our own stain glass windows.

Duckling Visitors


Today we had some lovely duckling visitors. We enjoyed watching them and holding them.

Colour Monsters


Over the past few weeks we have been learning about our different emotions using 'The Colour Monster' . We have made our own feeling jars filled with things that make us happy, sad, angry, scared, calm and loving.

Balance Ability Week


This week Foundation loved their balance ability course. It was fantastic to see them learning new and exciting skills.



We have been learning about the seasonal changes in Autumn and working on our fine motor skills.  As part of our learning, we visited the conservation area and used our hands and fingers to manipulate clay to make tree faces. We used the items found in the woods to create the features on our faces.



This week we are focusing on the children's communication and language skills. We want them to use new vocabulary and talk in full sentences to each other.  We also used this as an opportunity to explore the history of phones and what they used to look like.

Making Playdough


The children enjoyed the literacy topics 'It's My Birthday' so much last week, so we decided to change our 'home corner' into a bakery! Today the children worked into small groups to make dough for our bakery,

Welly Afternoon


Today is the first time Foundation have been out exploring our wonderful Conservation Area. They loved splashing through the stream and collecting autumn leaves. They have learnt a autumnal leaf poem.


In the woods we read our class story 'It's My Birthday' and when we returned to our smaller outdoor area some of the children enjoyed making mud cakes. We also had fun playing team games with the tyres and bug hunting. We hope you enjoy looking at these photos.