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Year 3

Teacher: Michael Best


Summer Term 2022

Sports Day


What a great afternoon we had competing in our House colours for Sports Day.  Everyone was supportive and worked as hard as they could for their team.  Well done!!  Thanks to all the parents, grandparents and family that came to support us!

Energy from Waste trip June 2022


We had a great time on our trip to the Energy from Waste plant in Plymouth.  This is where all the rubbish that can't be recycled gets taken.  The waste is burnt which creates electricity.  The children went on a tour of the facility, seeing where the waste was delivered by the lorries, the furnace and the hall where the waste is stored and mixed before burning.  They took part in a science experiment exploring the features of different materials and also did a quiz. 

Exploring Tutankhamun's Tomb


We adventured into King Tut's tomb to discover some artefacts that were buried with him.  We could only be in the tomb for a short time due to the poisonous gases.  We then had to remember and draw what we had seen before passing over to our team mates to adventure into the tomb next.

Spring Term 2022

Trip to Tavistock Guildhall


As part of our History topic about Tavistock, we walked through to the Guildhall to find out about the old abbey, the history of mining and to look at some of the old buildings.

Cricket Session


We had a great session with Vicky, practising some skills and then playing a fun game of cricket.  We all got to bat and field and play some new games.

World Book day 2022


Some great costumes for World Book Day this year - well done Year 3!  We did some quickfire 'speed-dating' style sharing of our favourite books this morning which we really enjoyed.

Pancake Day Races


We raced and flipped pancakes in our house teams today.  Well done to Yellow House who won overall!

Learning Arabic


Nagham became our teacher this afternoon and taught us how to write some words in Arabic.  We learnt that they were different ways to write the same sound and also that we needed to write from right to left.

Safer Internet Day 2022


We discussed games and apps online and relationships and respect.  We looked at examples of online conversations and thought about better responses when we didn't think the person should send their message.

Relay Races


We ran some relay races in mixed teams.  We supported each other brilliantly and loved getting our certificates.

Class treat in the Conservation Area


We had great fun and showed super team work skills in our class treat today, helping each other out of the mud, using levers and branches.

Autumn Term 2021


Bellever Class Trip


We had a great day up on Dartmoor at Bellever.  Our guides showed us lots of things linking to the Bronze Age including where their villages and houses had been and some burial sites.  We asked lots of great questions and shared our knowledge too.



James' dad visited us today with his real human skeleton that he used when he was training to be a doctor.  He showed us all the different bones and we impressed him with our knowledge of the skeleton.  We were able to look at and feel the bones and we asked lots of interesting questions about the body.



We had a super Bikeability session, learning all about bikes and staying safe while cycling.

Stone Age and Bronze Age Activities


For our class treat, we chose to have a fun day of activities linked to our topic of the Stone Age to the Iron Age.  We used blocks of soap and carved them like flint to make Stone Age tools.  Then we made Bronze Age bell beakers.

Making Stone Age stewed fruit - We went outside and gathered a lot of fruit and honey.  Then we chopped, heated up and stirred the fruit with the honey to make a stew.  Most of us enjoyed eating it at the end.

National Poetry Day - We started our new English unit today which is all about poetry.  Here are some of our first poems that we have written.  We thought about the characteristics of a lion and this was our inspiration.

Multi-Skills - We went to St Peter's school to take part in a morning of multi-skills.  We tried football, tag rugby, running, badminton, throwing and catching, hockey, fencing and dance.  Everyone had a great time and enjoyed trying all the different activities.

Science - We have been learning about humans and animals in our Science learning and we looked at carnivores, herbivores and omnivores.  We used a venn diagram to sort lots of different animals based on what they ate.