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Attendance Policy


Full time attendance at school is crucial to children’s success and we aspire to encourage children to have 100% attendance. 


Opening Hours

The school is open from 0845 to 1515 Monday to Friday - a total of 32.5 hours per week.




• If your child is going to be absent, you must telephone the school as soon as possible before 9.00 am with an explanation of the absence. 

• Authorised absences are for illnesses or medical and dental appointments of the
child only, which should be kept to a minimum in school hours.


Unauthorised Absences


These are absences without a sound reason..




Children should be lining up outside their classroom door at 8.40 am. Any child who arrives after 8.45 am must instead go to the school office to have their name entered in the register – this is very important in case of a fire or other emergency.


Children who arrive after 8.45 am but before 9.00 am are marked as ‘late’, children arriving after 9.00 am are  given an ‘unauthorised absence’ mark for the morning session.


It is important to ensure  that your child is registered on both the attendance and meal registers, and to make sure a meal has been ordered for them if required. This is essential for Health and Safety reasons in the event of a fire or similar incident at the school.


Afternoon registration will close at 1.10 pm.


Requests to Take an Absence During Term Time


You must complete an L5 form (available from the office) which will only be authorised for extenuating circumstances.




1. If we do not hear from a parent by 9.00 am we will call you to find out the reason for the absence.

2. If a child is off school sick for over 5 consecutive days a letter/prescription/appointment card from the Doctors Practice must be provided to the office.

3. If attendance falls below 93% then you will be asked into school to discuss attendance and will receive a letter.

4. If attendance falls below 90% the Education Welfare Officer will be informed.



If we do not hear from you when your child is absent from school, then we may need to refer the matter to the Educational Welfare Officer. It would be much easier to contact us as soon as you know that your child will not be attending.


A telephone call would be ideal, but failing that, a letter or a message sent in with a friend or neighbour would be fine.


Please keep us informed.



Absence request form (to be completed for all absences)