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Year 1

Year 1 - Mrs Garlick

Spring 2 

Data handling - Computing 

Year 1 have been finding out how objects can be grouped using their features. We found out that it is easier for us and computers to count how many object have a particular feature if they are grouped together. 

Ben Nevis - Geography

Year 1 have been making tourist videos all about Ben Nevis. 

Ben Nevis tourist video

Still image for this video

YEar 1 Geography1 .mp4

Still image for this video

Ben Nevis tourist video

Still image for this video

Ben Nevis tourist video

Still image for this video

Science - Seasons

We looked for signs of spring in the school. We found daffodils, crocus, catkins and new buds forming. We noticed that is was starting to feel warmer and sunnier. 

Art - Watercolour exploration

We explored and experimented with watercolours. 

Geography - The UK

We used globes, atlases and Google Earth to local the UK. 

English - Adding description

We created our own expanded noun phrases to include in our own story based on Fatou, Fetch the Water. 

Spring 1

Citizen Scientists 

We were citizen scientists for the day when we took part in the RSPB Big School Birdwatch. We counted the bird we could see in the conservation area. We also too part in the Walrus from Space science count where we counted walrus in satellite photos. 

DT - Reflective jackets for teddies!


We made reflective jackets to keep our teddies save on our walk to Brunel's tunnel at Grenofen. We created a criteria and made mock up patterns using paper. Then we practice joining materials before making our reflective jackets. We took the teddies in their jackets to Grenofen tunnel to check we'd met the criteria we created. All the jackets met our criteria!! 

English/DT - Police visit

Today PC Harris visited Year 1 to answer our questions about being a Police Officer. The answers will help use to write a fact file about Police Officer. We also found out how we can use reflective and florescent materials to keep safe in the dark. Thank you, PC Harris. 

Autumn 2 

Science - Senses

We used our 5 senses and recorded which body part we used. 

Nativity 2022

Well done Year 1 for being amazing angels in this year's nativity. You sang loud and with confidence and gave your adults huge smiles. 

PE/science - Muscles 

During out gym session, we considered which muscles we were using whilst on the apparatus. 

DT - Following a recipe

We have been practicing chopping salad vegetables by following a recipe for cous cous salad. 

Computing - Parts of a computer

We have been learning about the parts of a computer. We were able to look inside an old computer, we thought the motherboard looked like a miniature city. 

Geography - Exploring Whitchurch

We explored Whitchurch by following a map and finding different features of Whitchurch. 

DT - Chopping fruit

We practiced chopping fruit using knives safely. 

Maths - Comparision symbols

We made comparison symbols using lolly sticks. 

Autumn 1 

History - Toy Museum

We opened up our toy museum to our parents and adults. We created an old toy and new toy exhibition and labelled each item. We could explain to our adults which toys were old and which were new and how we knew this. 

Maths - Symmetry 

We created linear and radiating symmetrical patterns using various shapes. 

Maths - Number lines 

We used different resources in our classroom to make our own number lines to 100.

Art - Mark making 

We used natural materials to make paint and paint brushes. We used these to make a piece of art.