Welcome to Whitchurch Primary School

8th September – Skern Lodge – our Year 6 class have arrived safely at Skern Lodge.

9th September – the children all slept well and looking forward to a good day

10th September – the children all slept well and are off to Hartland today for abseiling and rock climbing

11th September – another lovely day

12th September – children should be back at Whitchurch at 2.00 pm – leaving Skern Lodge at 12.30 pm


5th September 2014

Dear Parents and Children

We are looking forwards to the new term.  The building work is almost completed (another two weeks).  On Monday, in order to avoid congestion, please could the following happen:-

Foundation Stage children and parents should go straight into the classroom.  We are asking Foundation Stage children who do not have a sibling to arrive between 0915-0930.

Year 1 and 2 children may go into the classroom but will need to leave their bags, drink bottles etc in the classroom, keep their coats on and then go out to play. Please do not wait in the classroom or the Foundation play area.  When the bell goes line up outside the classroom.

Year 3,4,&5 staff will be waiting in the playground by their classroom doors to deal with any questions from parents.  Please can these children not enter the school prior to the bell sounding.

Year 6 – Parents will need to say their goodbyes at 0855 as we are unsure of the exact time the coach will be leaving for Skern Lodge.  Medicine forms and pocket money need  to be handed in to Mrs Clifford in the Year 6 classroom and bags placed in the hall.  Mr Williams will be in the playground outside his classroom to answer any queries.

If you need to go into the office please use the side door by the hall.

Angela O’Shea-Warman – Headteacher


We are located in Whitchurch, on the outskirts of the picturesque Devon town of Tavistock.  We are a Community school committed to providing a wonderful education for all our children, the majority of whom live locally to the school. Staff, Parents and Governors work together to ensure that every child is happy and is achieving their best.

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We have a well-equipped school. Each classroom is suitably resourced to meet the needs of our pupils. The school currently has seven classes. We strive to keep our class sizes as small as possible.