Our Mission Statement is “Working Together For the Whole Child

Our Aims are:

1.  Ethos

At WhitchurchCommunityPrimary School:-

  • We will value and respect ourselves and others.
  • We will celebrate our achievements and encourage each other
  • We will understand how to keep healthy and how to take care of ourselves.
  • We will encourage our children to do their best.
  • We will promote independence in action and thought.
  • We will ensure all children and staff feel confident and safe

 2.  Curriculum

View our curriculum plans HERE

At WhitchurchCommunityPrimary School:-

  • We will offer a broad and balanced enhanced curriculum that is fun and exciting.  It is carefully planned to meet the individual needs and interests of our children.
  • We will offer a curriculum that recognises children’s personal, social, spiritual and emotional needs.

3  Teaching and Learning

At WhitchurchCommunityPrimary School:-

  • We will set high standards for our teachers
  • We will have high expectations of all our children.
  • We will use a variety of teaching styles and approaches.
  • We will encourage our children to be enthusiastic and confident learners
  • We will engage parents in the children’s learning

4.  The Environment

At WhitchurchCommunityPrimary School:-

  • The learning environment will be welcoming, stimulating and sustainable

5.  Staffing and Management

At WhitchurchCommunityPrimary School:-

  • Leadership and Management will be fair, consistent and strong.
  • All staff  will be inspired and motivated to develop professionally and be brilliant teachers
  • All staff will be listened to, respected and supported.
  • Resources will be of a high quality

 6.  Community and Global Community

At WhitchurchCommunityPrimary School

  • Staff, Governors and parents will work in partnership for the benefit of the children.
  • Staff and Governors will work with the Whitchurch Community to build a safe and caring community.
  • Staff and Governors  will develop friendships and understanding with the local and wider international community.
  • We will communicate effectively with the community.

Children’s School Aims

Agreed by School House Captains – 2018

  1. We will learn to be kind and polite
  2. We will learn to take care of ourselves and be healthy
  3. The Staff in school will help us learn
  4. We will have lots of brilliant equipment to use and we will look after it
  5. We will have opportunities to learn in lots of fun ways ie we will try and do our best
  6. We will try and make the World a good place to live and care about the environment.