Year 1 Archive 2016-17

Local Trip

On Friday Year 1 walked to the park. We had our snack and then went for a walk to see the new art in the subway. We then followed the canal and saw lots of very cute ducklings. After, we visited the library and a librarian read us lots of lovely stories. At lunchtime we had a picnic and then we were able to play on the pirate ship in the park. On the walk home we saw a steam roller, and the man let us look at the coal engine. We has a wonderful trip.

Beach Trip

On Friday Year 1 went to Wembury beach. We explored the rock pools and found some amazing creatures.


This term we have been learning about materials. Today was our last lesson in the unit. We did an experiment to test which objects float and which objects sink -Year 1 thoroughly enjoyed this!


In literacy we are learning the story ‘The High Street’. Today we have had a high street in the classroom. Year 1 went to each shop and wrote down a list of items they bought.

Food from around the world

Olivia Wells (the Pirate) took pictures of different foods she has eaten on her travels. Today Year 1 tried the different foods, they were fabulous at just trying a bit even if they weren’t sure.

Batik Art

This week Year 1 have created this beautiful Batik using hot wax to seal the dye.

Summer Term


Today we had a real Pirate called Captain Olivia Wells visit us! She taught us all about her pirate life. The photos below show Year 1 unwrapping different treasures from the Captains Sack.


Easter Traditions

As part of our RE this term, we have learnt about different Christian Traditions. Today we talked about the symbol we see on hot cross buns, and then ate some. We decorated hard boiled eggs, and then had an egg rolling competition. Using the few remaining whole eggs we then had an egg and spoon race.



Tavistock Fire Trip

Year 1 walked to Tavistock Fire Station. The fire-fighters were very kind and let us look at their clothes and fire engines. It was a fantastic trip, Year 1 learnt so much! Thank you for having us!


The Great Fire of London

This week Year 1 have learnt about the Great Fire of London. The pictures bellow show how Year 1 have sequenced the events of the 5 day fire.

Harvesting Our Cress

After spending the week of watching our cress grow, today we made cress sandwiches. Some of the other photos show Year 1 planting radish and lettuce in the outside flower beds.

World Book Day

Today most of Year 1 came into school dressed as one of their favourite book characters. We choose ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ as our story of the day. During the day Year 1 enjoyed hearing different versions of the story, writing their own story board and watching their teachers act out the story.


In science we are learning about plants. This week we have made caterpillars using egg boxes, and planted cress seeds in the turrets. Outside we have planted radish and lettuce.


This week in maths we have been learning about simple division. Year 1 have been putting bears and robots into houses, ensuring they are sharing equally.

Conservation Area

Year 1 went down to the conservation area today. We played some team building games and then hatched our dinosaur eggs. Year 1 LOVED it!!

Clay Dinosaurs

This week we have made dinosaurs out of clay. We have used sculpting tools to shape and design.



This half term our topic is dinosaurs. Below are a selection of photos of Year 1 teaching Foundation about Dinosaurs, using our role play area and making dinosaur eggs. Next we will be painting our eggs, making clay dinosaurs and continuing our dinosaur adventures.

DT Christmas

This week we have made Christmas slider cards. We have also made ‘melting snowman’ biscuits. We are feeling very festive in Year 1!


DT Christmas Robins

Year 1 have made two felt robins. Mrs Craig has helped the children to sew around one of their robins. The lovely robins will be displayed in the St.Eustachius Christmas Tree Competition and in the school hall.



Today we went to Tesco. We got to touch fish, eat cheese and try different fruits. Thank you to all the Tesco Team for being so welcoming. We had a brilliant time.

Personal Trainer

As part of our science learning, Nick Lane from NLFITNESS came to visit Year 1. He taught us about how to keep fit and let us try some of his gym equipment. He taught us about healthy foods and then read us a story.

Funny Bones

To start our literacy and science topic ‘Funny Bones’, Year 1 have been role playing being the characters of the story by scaring each other. In science we are learning about the human body, today we went into the Conservation area and made stick skeletons.

Recycling Devon

Today we had a visitor come into Year 1 called Alex. She taught us about how to look after our toys, the difference between old and new toys, and let us play with old wooden Victorian toys. We loved it!


Year 1 brought in their favourite teddies to talk about. Some children were even able to bring in their grandparents old teddy bears that were made from sawdust and straw. We are busy getting ready for our own teddy bear museum on Friday!!


Year 1 have been exploring length, measuring with a ruler and talking about how much bigger/smaller different objects are

DT bears project

This week we have designed and made our own bears out of toilet rolls.

Science in the conservation area

This week we have been leaning about different bugs. We have used pooters and magnifying glasses to help to look and catch them.

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt

As part of our literacy learning Year 1 went on a Bear Hunt. We had to trek through long grass, a cold river, oozy mud, a dark forest, a swirling snowstorm and a gloomy cave! After we went on a bear hunt we made our own bear caves.