Year 5


World book day 07.03.19

Today the children came to school dressed as their favourite book character to celebrate world book day


Today we learnt about the Force of friction. We tested our shoes on different surfaces and measured the force need to make our shoes move using a ‘forcemeter’

Anglo-Saxon Houses

Last term we studied the lives of the ‘Anglo-Saxons.’ After finding out about how they would have built their houses out of wood and natural materials we designed and built models of them. These are now displayed in the library, come and have a look!


We have been learning about Forces – today we discussed gravity and learnt about Sir Isaac Newton. We measured the mass and weight of an object using a Force Meter.

Merry Christmas!

Synagogue Visit

On the 30th October, year 5 visited Plymouth Synagogue. We had a fascinating and fun time learning more about Judaism.