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Year 5

Teacher: marcuswilliams@whitchurch-primary.devon.sch.uk

Mr W’s Final Video 13.07.20

Just Dance

Mrs B tells me that you are all enjoying a dance at school each day, Here is a dance to learn!

Home Learning during School Closure

During the school closure we will be providing weekly outlines of home learning tasks. You can download these below.


Home Learning – Show us what you have done

Abe using IT to draw an Albino Crocodile


Harriet has made this amazing flower using Playdough. Very impressive Harriet!


Holly has been making ‘edible slime!’ Nell has been painting the back gate and taking ‘plant cuttings.’ Aimee, Olivia and Abe have been out roller-skating. Imogen has been working hard on maths and drawing cartoons.

The children have been drawing cartoons this week. They have had loads of fun and drawn some amazing characters.



Year 5 have been learning about how plants can be ‘cloned’ by taking cuttings. They have been looking at examples of how religion can inspire a piece of artwork. The children have been considering their self-esteem and thinking about the qualities that they identify with in theirselves. During our continuing studies of ‘Mexico’ we have been looking closely at climate graphs and comparing the climate of Mexico and the UK – strangely this week they have been quite similar! Harry sent me a picture of his new puppy “Woody” Very cute! Abe has been helping to ‘muck out!’ Some Year 5 children are now back at school and have been enjoying catching up with friends. They have been picking fruit and making crumble!



I have had some amazing excuses poems from you, some really imaginitive and funny ideas. Some of you have sent me your version of the Tear Thief stories. I have really enjoyed reading them. There are links to a selection of the stories you have written further down the page. Some of you cooked ‘Fajitas’ last week, I hope you enjoyed them. Amelia M and Emelia J cooked a full mexican feast! Nell went for a swim in the sea….there was quite a big hill to climb to get home!


Nell has been cycling and has also been creating ‘tie-dye’ clothes. Abe has been designing a pixel logo. Here he is in his funky shark leggings. Thomas has been out on the moors.


It has been great to speak to you and your parents this week. If I didn’t manage to catch up with you, and you would like a chat, just drop me an email and I’ll happily give you a call. A HUGE HAPPY BIRTHDAY from us all to Olivia and Aimee who are celebrating their 10th birthday with a garden barbecue tomorrow.

Some of you have sent me the final versions of your Tear thief stories. They were fabulous, you have really remembered many of the things we have learned together at school. Well done. You can read a selection of them below.

Tamzin – The Fear thief

Henry – The Giggle thief

Cameron – The Laughter robber

Holly – The Anger thief

Amelia M – The Scare thief

I Will be sending you a little video message each week from now on. Look out for the first exciting installment here from Monday!


Over the past week, I have heard from Ebba who is really enjoying the Beetle boy books with her mum. Amelia M has been putting in lots of effort on the Maths, English and art learning. Max has been working hard in his garden. Charlie has been enjoying the start of the Mexico project and has drawn a great Mexican themed skull. It was Henry’s birthday; he has made some more Morph models and had a cool sheep cake! Happy birthday from us all Henry. Abe has been working on Century and Mathletics and he has been fully relaxing in his pool….with a giant duck! Holly has also been spending time swimming. She painted an amazing, colourful Mexican themed picture. Lyla also sent me a great painting. Imogen got in touch to tell me about going to the moors one evening to watch the ‘space shuttle’ fly overhead.  Monty has been writing a great story with help from his grandparents, with whom he connects with regularly by video calls. Cameron also sent me a fantastic version of the ‘Laughter robber.’  Emelia has been baking again, Pecan pies were the treat on offer this week! Nell has been taming the local pigeons. Emma has been out and about cycling. Finally, some bad news. Lewis has managed to break his arm…again! Despite this he has been doing lots of reading with his mum. Get well soon Lewis, we are all thinking of you.


What amazing weather we had for half term! Many of you have got in touch and told me what you were doing. Nell has been swimming, again! Holly made a bird feeder. Aimee and Olivia have made some amazing bird houses. Harry has been working hard on his football skills, he may be good enough to play for Argyle one day! (or Torquay?) Isobel had fun with bubbles and went to the beach. Many of you sent me some amazing bird sketches. Here are two examples from Amelia M and Lyla. Emelia has made herself a mask. Harriet has been working hard on maths work. Finally, it was so lovely to get a message and picture from Emma. She is doing really well and is back on her feet and getting outside. Fantastic!


There has been some amazing home learning over the last week. You have designed some amazing peace posters. There are two very effective ideas from Harriett and Amelia shown below. Nell has been ‘river jumping’ and working hard on the science tasks. Holly has been drawing insects and has regularly updated me on her learning. Harry has been working hard with the geography tasks. Amelia D has been learning about insect lifecycles. Henry has been making some ‘Morph’ models. Abe has been busy training to be a jedi! Emelia has been super busy. She has sent some amazing writing about the tear thief. She has also continued to bake cakes and she designed and built this amazing bug hotel. Amazing effort everyone, keep it up!


It was Harriet’s birthday on Monday! She has been making some bath bombs. Lyla has been making a mask out of a sleeve from an old t-shirt. Isobel has been learning to drive. Emelia has done some amazing art and she made some baby yoda cakes for the 4th May. Nell has painted a cool flag.


Holly has painted a rainbow on her window! She has also been having fun with invisible ink. Nell has been using invisible ink (With help from Olive!) Aimee and Olivia have been working hard. Grace has decorated her room with a hand painted tree!


Some of you have emailed saying the salt experiment didn’t work. Look at these amazing results from Henry and Charlie!


Ebba has made a fabulous rainbow for her window to thank the NHS. Lyla has been busy reading a story to her dog. Nell has been doing ‘garden triathlon!’ Imogen has drawn a rainbow. Florence has done some amazing work, she is reading the Ice Monster and she has done an amzing science project on Light.


Amelia has been very busy. She has built a ‘bug house’, made a 3D london map and has drawn a huge rainbow with chalk.

Abe has been busy working at home in his snazzy shirt and he has drawn a cool mouse. Amelia’s mum took a sneaky picture of her working.  Harriet has been painting flower pots and planting pansies. Harry has grown some salt crystals and made a rainbow. Nell has been very busy, she has sent me a scratch project animation she has made. She has created a word cloud and it looks like she is teaching the dog to speak French? I have also heard from Ebba, Oliver, Imogen, Flynn and Poppy who are all well and working hard.

20.04.20 Henry has been hard at work working on the Geography tasks and Harriet has been working out. Holly has been busy today working on ‘the call’, maths and reading to her younger brother Harry.

It was Amelia D’s birthday on Friday. A huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY from everyone at Whitchurch Amelia. We hope you had a great day.

17.04.20 A fabulous acrylic painting by Harriet. Emelia and Isobel have made excellent 3D maps of London. Cameron has built an amazing bird box for his Grandad and he has started to learn the keyboard. Holly has been working hard on her map and her PSHE dream cloud. Amazing effort everyone. Keep it up!



16.04.20 – I have heard from many more of you over the last two days. There has been some excellent learning happening and it has been great to see your faces in the pictures.

Some of you have set up your salt crystal experiments. It may take a good few days but do send me any pictures if you get any good results.

Well done Henry and Lyla.

Ousman has been doing some great baking.

Harry has devised his own parachute investigation and he has also sent me some videos of his football practice. A future Torquay Utd regular in the making!

Some great home learning already! Isobel has made a very colouful job of the French wordsearch. Holly has used chalk to draw a huge rainbow (with a bit of ‘help’ from her brother, George!)

Emelia has made a delicious looking cheesecake! She has also been drawing some very impressive Lion King pictures.

Aimee and Olivia have been cooking, painting and writing. Great work!

Harriet has been drawing graphs and doing some amazing

cooking. That Pizza looks lovely!


Henry has been watching #drawwithrob on YouTube.

Emma and Whitchurch

Emma has been taking Whitchurch to her hospital check-ups, it looks like he has been his usual naughty self!


London Residential 11 – 13.03.20


Science – Changing Materials 05.03.20

Today we investigated dissolving. We categorised materials into soluble or insolube.


PSHE Mental Health 06.02.20

This week is ‘children’s mental health awareness week. During our class assembly we discussed different types of mental health issues. (Stress, Depression, Anxiety, Post Traumatic Stress) We talked about what these issues feel like and agreed that these are normal emotions that most people will feel at some point in their lives. We discussed the things that we could do that may help us if we experience any bad thoughts or feelings. (Good diet, exercise, turning off social media) We agreed that talking to someone is the most important thing we could do.

We have established a class worry monster who will help us by eating worries.

Air Resistance 27.01.20

Year 5 investigated the link between surface area and air resistance by making parachutes and timing their descent.

Water Resistance 20.01.20

During science lessons the children compared the weight of objects in air to their weight in water. They used Forcemeters and learnt to read the scales.

Multiplying by 10,100 and 1000 using Place value charts (08.01.20)

Sketch-up – We are architects

We have been learning how to use the CAD software ‘Sketch-up


Children’s University – C.S.I

On 10.12.19 Year 5 visited Plymouth University. The children undertook a workshop entitled Crime Scene Investigators. After finding out a bit about the work of forensic scientists, they had the chance to have a go at creating composite or ‘E-fit’ images. Initially they tried to create an image of Santa and then progressed to make images of one of their classmates…and teachers!

Merry Christmas….with bells on!

Forest School

We had another fantastic afternoon in our conservation area. We played a blindfold game whic really tested our trust of each other and our ability to communicate clearly. Then we built a big fire and cooked pancakes, they were delicious. A big thanks to Miss Duncan for the cooking!

Anglo-Saxon houses

We have had great fun designing and building models of Anglo Saxon houses.

Dragonolgy Text map

During our English lessons we have been learning the introduction paragraph to the wonderful “Dragonology” book using a text map.

Algorithms and loops

Year 5 have continued with their studies of computer coding. This week they have learnt about algorithms and using loops to reduce the amount of code needed to produce a given result.

Forest Schools

Year 5 spent the afternoon in the conservation area. They really enjoyed being outside taking part in a scavenger hunt.


We have been using the programming language ‘Blockly’ to learn about algorithms. We have been learning to explain how some simple algorithms work and to detect and correct errors in algorithms and programs.

Synagogue visit

On 29.10.19, we visited Plymouth Synagogue. We learnt all about the roles of different people in the synagogue and we looked at some of the amazing artefacts including the Torah scroll.


We used Gattegno Place value charts to help us solve ‘missing number’ problems.


During our art lessons we have been learning how to use pencil marks to ‘show movement’ and how to shade.

Mathematics -We have been working hard to further our knowledge of place value in large numbers

Netball – We have been learning how to pass and shoot in netball. Following a lesson on attacking and defending, we played some small sided matches in a class mini tournament.


Gem Bridge Art Day


With Wimbledon in full swing, the children chose to play tennis in PE today (04.07.19)


We have been using puppets to create presentations of the French vocabulary and phrases we have been learning. We have been learning to talk about: colours, numbers, the weather, food and places.

Forest School

Year 5 spent the morning in our fantastic conservation area. We built dens out of natural and man-made materials. Some children decorated their creations with ‘boggit clay faces.’ We toasted marshmallows and apples on a fire. A huge thank you to Rachel (Marney’s mum) who came along to help us for the morning.


We have been learning about designing and testing algorithms in our computer coding lessons. This week we have been learning about ‘loops’ and ‘conditionals.’


Here are a few examples from some recent maths learning.

Dartmoor Zoo 20.05.19

Today we visited Dartmoor zoo. We had a tour of the zoo and learnt some amazing facts about the residents from our guide, Mitch.

After lunch we had some ‘close encounters’ with a range of animals and learnt all about lifecycles.


Science 10.05.19

We have been learning about Living things and habitats. Today we discussed what an eco-systemis. We then revised the water cycle and made Vivariums.

London residential 20-23.03.19

We had a fantastic time in London. We really got to experience what it was like to live in a big city. A world away from our homes in Tavistock. We visited the Natural history museum, the transport museum, the monument, the tower of London and St Pauls Cathedral. A big highlight was the opportunity to visit the houses of Parliament. We learnt all about democracy and how laws are debated and made in our country. We even got to watch some of the MP’s discuss and debate in the House of Commons! We all came back exhausted from a trip that was fun but also really educational.

World book day 07.03.19

Today the children came to school dressed as their favourite book character to celebrate world book day


Today we learnt about the Force of friction. We tested our shoes on different surfaces and measured the force need to make our shoes move using a ‘forcemeter’

Anglo-Saxon Houses

Last term we studied the lives of the ‘Anglo-Saxons.’ After finding out about how they would have built their houses out of wood and natural materials we designed and built models of them. These are now displayed in the library, come and have a look!


We have been learning about Forces – today we discussed gravity and learnt about Sir Isaac Newton. We measured the mass and weight of an object using a Force Meter.

Merry Christmas!

Synagogue Visit

On the 30th October, year 5 visited Plymouth Synagogue. We had a fascinating and fun time learning more about Judaism.