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Year 5

Teacher: marcuswilliams@whitchurch-primary.devon.sch.uk


PE – Quad Kids

The children had a fantastic day taking part in a school Quad kids competition. The classes competed in their seperate bubbles during the day and then the scores were accumulated. A brilliant event which all children enjoyed


The children have been learning about ‘tone’ during art lessons.


The children have been learning about the solar system. They have learnt how the Earth and moon orbit around the sun and they have learnt the names of the planets in the solar system and the order they are in distance from the sun.

Fran has completed a very difficult looking solar system jigsaw – great effort Fran

Welcome back!

The children are adapting very well to the ‘new way’ of doing things at school. They have made a great start to the year and have been enjoying our maths study of place value and reading our class book.