Year 5




We used Gattegno Place value charts to help us solve ‘missing number’ problems.


During our art lessons we have been learning how to use pencil marks to ‘show movement’ and how to shade.

Mathematics -We have been working hard to further our knowledge of place value in large numbers

Netball – We have been learning how to pass and shoot in netball. Following a lesson on attacking and defending, we played some small sided matches in a class mini tournament.


Gem Bridge Art Day


With Wimbledon in full swing, the children chose to play tennis in PE today (04.07.19)


We have been using puppets to create presentations of the French vocabulary and phrases we have been learning. We have been learning to talk about: colours, numbers, the weather, food and places.

Forest School

Year 5 spent the morning in our fantastic conservation area. We built dens out of natural and man-made materials. Some children decorated their creations with ‘boggit clay faces.’ We toasted marshmallows and apples on a fire. A huge thank you to Rachel (Marney’s mum) who came along to help us for the morning.


We have been learning about designing and testing algorithms in our computer coding lessons. This week we have been learning about ‘loops’ and ‘conditionals.’


Here are a few examples from some recent maths learning.

Dartmoor Zoo 20.05.19

Today we visited Dartmoor zoo. We had a tour of the zoo and learnt some amazing facts about the residents from our guide, Mitch.

After lunch we had some ‘close encounters’ with a range of animals and learnt all about lifecycles.


Science 10.05.19

We have been learning about Living things and habitats. Today we discussed what an eco-systemis. We then revised the water cycle and made Vivariums.

London residential 20-23.03.19

We had a fantastic time in London. We really got to experience what it was like to live in a big city. A world away from our homes in Tavistock. We visited the Natural history museum, the transport museum, the monument, the tower of London and St Pauls Cathedral. A big highlight was the opportunity to visit the houses of Parliament. We learnt all about democracy and how laws are debated and made in our country. We even got to watch some of the MP’s discuss and debate in the House of Commons! We all came back exhausted from a trip that was fun but also really educational.

World book day 07.03.19

Today the children came to school dressed as their favourite book character to celebrate world book day


Today we learnt about the Force of friction. We tested our shoes on different surfaces and measured the force need to make our shoes move using a ‘forcemeter’

Anglo-Saxon Houses

Last term we studied the lives of the ‘Anglo-Saxons.’ After finding out about how they would have built their houses out of wood and natural materials we designed and built models of them. These are now displayed in the library, come and have a look!


We have been learning about Forces – today we discussed gravity and learnt about Sir Isaac Newton. We measured the mass and weight of an object using a Force Meter.

Merry Christmas!

Synagogue Visit

On the 30th October, year 5 visited Plymouth Synagogue. We had a fascinating and fun time learning more about Judaism.