Year 5


Welcome to the Year 5 page

Design Technology & Architects

We have designed and built model Anglo-Saxon houses using a variety of ‘natural materials.’ The children also used ‘Sketch-Up’ design software to create their dream home.

Plymouth Synagogue

We visited the Synagogue in Plymouth to find out more about Judaism.

Random acts of kindness blog

We have set up a new class blog. In order to make the world a happier and friendlier place, we will be attempting to perform 365 random acts of kindness over the next few weeks. We shall record our acts and share them with each other. We have discussed ‘sensitive information’ and considered the type of private details that we should not be sharing on this type of online forum.

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Today we read “Hurricane” by David Weisner. We discussed film tailers and considered how a book trailer may sound for the this book. We experimeted with exciting description and the kind of language used in trailers. Here is our finished video!

During our science lessons we have been discussing the relative sizes of the Earth, the sun and the moon. Some children seemed a bit confused as to why the moon and the sun look about the same size in the sky, when learning that the Sun is actually so much bigger. We discussed the idea of perspective and explored how things that are closer to us appear bigger. We tested this idea with a few fun perspective photos.

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