Year 4



Autumn Term 2019

Outdoor Learning:

In outdoor learning today we worked in teams to make mandalas using autumn leaves, fruits and seeds. We learnt about the importance of mandalas to different faiths and what they represent. We named the different leaves, fruits and seeds that we used and thought carefully about repeating patterns and  symmetry. We were very proud of our results!


As part of our science topic we investigated what effect different drinks had on our tooth enamel. We used eggs to represent our teeth as their shells are made of a similar substance to our enamel. We made sure it was a fair test by using the same amount of liquid for each egg and made sure the eggs were the same size and type. We used water, milk, Coca-Cola and orange juice, we also put one egg in vinegar to show the effects of acid on our teeth (this was not part of our experiment but the children wanted to see what would happen!). We left them for a week and then took them out to have a look! We were shocked by the egg that was in the orange juice as the shell was completely different and the egg in the Coco-Cola had been dyed dark brown! The egg in the vinegar looked more like a bouncy ball now as the shell had dissolved! We decided milk and water were the best drinks to have as they had no effect on the eggs. The children really enjoyed this experiment and were amazed by the results!



Year 4 had great fun learning a new dance today!

Trip to Cotehele Woods:

On Tuesday 5th November Year 4 set off for a day in the woods at Cotehele. Wrapped up warm and very excited we met Jamie Lang from Cotehele who showed us how to make dens and helped us to learn the names of many native trees. We worked in teams to make our dens and used clay to make tree spirts to protect them. We ate lunch in our dens and had a play in the park. After lunch we toasted marshmallows over our fire and made hot chocolate! It was delicious and warmed us up! To finish we had a team race to name the trees we had learnt earlier. We had an amazing day and were lucky with the weather!


We have been learning about coding in computing this week. First we explored algorithms using squared paper. We had to write an algorithm for our partners using a code and then they had to follow the code to recreate the pattern on their squared paper. We had to look out for any mistakes and work together to put them write, we learnt this was called debugging. Then using a coding programme on the laptops we used algorithms to programme a sprite to move and complete different challenges around a maze. We then worked through some problems on the coding programme to practise debugging. It was great fun!


We have been learning all about our teeth and how to look after them in science. After lunch we used a plaque disclosing tablet to show where we had plaque on our teeth. We then practised the correct procedure for cleaning our teeth, using a mirror to check we got all the plaque off.  It was messy but fun! Look at our bright white teeth after we had finsihed!



In maths we have been adding and subtracting two 4-digit numbers. We have used the place value counters to help us.


We have been learning how to use acrylic paint in class and what effects we can create with it. Our artist we have been learning about is Claude Monet. As part of Goose Fair we were given a wooden goose to decorate so we decided to paint ours in the style of Monet’s water lily paintings. It was great fun and we were very pleased with the final result!


In maths we have been learning about place value and 4-digit numbers. We have been using Base 10 and Place value counters to help us explore.


In music we looked at different percussion insturments, in particular durms. We explored different rythms using the different drums and discussed how they work.

Outdoor Learning:

In outdoor learning we are starting to learn the names of native trees and their fruits and seeds. We are also ‘re-wilding’ a patch of ground that was started last year. We have added more primroses and hart’s tongue ferns.

Barbara Hepworth:

As part of our English work we have looked at the sculptures of Barbara Hepworth. Scarlett had been lucky enough to visit the Barbara Hepworth museum and gallery before and made a presentation for the rest of the class about Barbara Hepworth and her work. Well done Scarlett it was a fantastic presentation and we all learnt a lot!

Seasonal cooking:

Year 4 went to the school orchard to harvest the apples and picked blackberries from the school grounds. They then made a delicious apple crumble and an apple and blackberry crumble to share in the afternoon. We looked at fractions and weight and measure while cooking and had lots of fun!

English – Poetry

We have been using the book ‘Paint me a Poem’ by Grace Nichols in our English lessons. We learnt by heart the poem ‘Seaform’ which is based on the sculpture of the same name by Barbara Hepworth. The children performed the poem in class with actions.


We had great fun experimenting with different brushes and paints in our art lesson.

Year 4 Summer Term 2019

Year 4 made their own Roman shields as part of our history topic.



We learnt one of Aesop’s fables ‘The Fox and the Crow’ as part of our English this term. We were then inspired to write our own fables, thinking carefully about our moral. As part of our art, we then created these beautiful pictures of the animals in our fables using different lines and colours. We studied the art of Clare Young and copied her style.

Our history topic is ‘The Romans’. We have had great fun examining artefacts and making our own Roman shields ready for a mock battle!

Investigating place value.

Learning about circuits during science.

Outdoor learning!


Sports Day 2019

A snap shot of our exciting Wild Night Out!

DT and Geography Rivers Project.

Year 4 went to Multi skills at Whitchurch Cricket Club. We had a fab time!

Autumn 2018


We had a lovely morning out in the autumn sunshine on Friday making mandalas from leaves and other natural materials. We had to make sure they were symmetrical and had an inner and outer circle. They are based on traditional Tibetan Buddhism mandals which are a spiritual representation of the universe and self . We think they were amazing!

Class Treat!

We worked hard to earn all our class stars and really enjoyed our board game afternoon. It was great fun!


Year 4 learnt about Diwali on Wednesday 7th November. This is a festival celebrated by Hindus and Sikhs. We learnt the story of Rama and Sita and made our own diva lamps. These special lamps are lit during Diwali to symbolise light winning over darkness. We made red lentil dhal and chapattis with Mrs Whitney, who came in to help, it was delicious! We also enjoyed special coconut sweets that are eaten around the festival of Diwali and made cards to give to our family.  It was a great day!

Outdoor Learning Day at Cotehele – Tuesday 30th October

As part of our Outdoor Learning in Year 4 we went to spend the day at Cotehele with Jamie, the Head Ranger. He taught us how to identify lots of trees and seeds as well how best to build a den and how to be around a camp fire safely. In groups we spent the first part of the morning building our dens, it was hard work but great fun.

Next we used clay and natural materials to make faces to act as guardians for our dens.

At lunch time we all ate in our dens.

After lunch we made played in the park and made huge piles of leaves to jump in, hide in and throw. It was very funny!

To end our day we had a camp fire and toasted marshmallows. We also had hot chocolate to warm us up! Everyone had a brilliant day. Thank you Cotehele and Jamie!

The Hodgeheg

As part of our English this term we have been reading the book ‘The Hodgeheg’ by Dick King-Smith. We are busy writing book reviews about lots of Dick King-Smith’s books at the moment, but as part of our work we had a fun afternoon baking hedgehog bread with Mrs. Whitney. We each made an individual hedgehog to take home and a large Hedgehog to share in class. It was delicious!

We also used leaves and other natural materials to make our own hedgehogs. We think they look amazing!

Apple Crumble

We picked apples from the school orchard and made apple crumble for the class.

Outdoor Learning

As part of our outdoor learning we went on an autumn scavenger hunt. We had to identify different leaves, fruits and seeds. We also planted acorns and learnt about oak trees in detail. We took bark and leaf rubbings and each collected an acron. We were also lucky enough to find some oak galls too!


We had great fun using our new Tangram puzzles. These mathematical puzzles are originally from Ancient China. You used the seven shaped pieces to create different pictures or shapes. It is quite tricky!