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Year 3

Teacher: Michael Best

The Legend of Pew Tor dress rehearsal!

Quad Kids

We all took part in Quad Kids.  We sprinted, threw the vortex, did the long jump and ran a long distance race.

Sports Day!!


In English we have been learning the story Leon and the Place Between. We used our speaking and listening skills to perform a page each to the class.


We have been learning all about Mary Anning and fossils. We have been creating our own fossils out of clay.

In Science we have been learning about rocks. In this lesson we were experimenting with chalk, slate, sandstone and granite to see if we could identify if they were Sedimentary, Igneous or Metamorphic.

First, we tested how hard or soft the rock was by seeing if we could scratch or crumble it.

After that, we tested whether the rocks were permeable or impermeable.


Then we tested whether the rock fizzed when vinegar was dripped onto it.

Based on what we had learnt about each rock we grouped them as to whether they were Sedimentary, Igneous or Metamorphic.


Posing on the red carpet ready to watch our Christmas play!


Our final performance for the Christmas play!

A very exciting dress rehearsal for our Christmas play!

Here are some pictures from our Drama lessons with Mrs Davies from Show Up Now.


We were lucky enough to have a visit from ‘Ranger Russ’ today who brought in lots of exciting animals for us to see. He spoke to us all about environmental changes and its impact on wildlife.


For PE we have been doing Athletics. We have been doing sprint and relay races.

We have had a visit from ‘Quad kids’ where we took part in lots of fun activities. This included a vortex throw, standing long jump and a 100m sprint and 400m race.


In Year 3 we are learning about changes in Britain from the Stone Age to the Iron Age.

We have been learning about the Beaker people and how they changed the lives of people living in Britain. We designed our own Beakers and then followed these designs to make them our own out of clay.

We have started learning about the Bronze Age and how they began to use wool to make clothes. We made our own looms and then had a go at weaving.

We became real life hunter-gatherers and followed clues around the playground to find fruit. We then followed a recipe to make our own ‘Stone Age stewed fruit’.

We have been learning about Stone Age tools. We designed our own Stone age tool or weapon and then had a go at creating our own using clay and sticks.

We have been learning about Skara Brae and Stone Age settlements, we then had a go at making our own.

Year 3 have been learning about Stonehenge, we then created our own model using biscuits!

We learnt more about Cave Art and created our own on pieces of slate.

For our home learning we have been making models of Stonehenge. Here are some of Year 3’s fabulous projects!

For our home learning we are making our very own Stone Age houses. Here are some of Year 3’s amazing projects.


In Maths we have been learning about place value. We have been using place value charts and counters to help us recognise the place value of each digit in a 3-digit number.