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Year 3

Teacher: clairefraser@whitchurch-primary.devon.sch.uk


Home Learning during School Closure

During the school closure we will be providing weekly outlines of home learning tasks. You can download these below.

Week beginning 13th July


Lesson 1 – Measure mass (2)

Lesson 2 – Compare mass

Lesson 3 – Add and subtract mass

Lesson 4 – Measure capacity (2)


Lesson 1 Answers – Measure mass (2)

Lesson 2 Answers – Compare mass

Lesson 3 Answers – Add and subtract mass

Lesson 4 Answers – Measure capacity (2)

Week beginning 6th July

Learning memo 0607 Y3

Mummify a Tomato

Egyptian Gods Information


Ancient Egypt Wordsearch-

Ancient Egypt Timeline Ordering Activity

Reed Boat Instructions

Ancient Egyptian Flatbread Instructions

Board Game Senet

Tutankhamun Guided Reading



Lesson 1 – Draw accurately

Lesson 2 – Recognise and describe 2D shapes

Lesson 3 – Recognise and describe 3D shapes

Lesson 4 – Telling the time to 5 minutes

Arithmetic practise Lesson 5 0607

Maths Videos-Maths Videos



Lesson 1 Answers – Draw accurately

Lesson 2 Answers – Recognise and describe 2D shapes

Lesson 3 Answers – Recognise and describe 3D shapes

Lesson 4 Answers – Telling the time to 5 minutes


Week beginning 29th June

Learning memo 2906 Y3

French Numbers 0-31 Crossword

Guided Reading ‘Buzz Stop’

Make your own Instruments

Contractions Matching Pairs Game

Statutory Spellings Y3.4



Lesson 1 – Right angles in shapes

Lesson 2 – Compare angles

Lesson 3 – Horizontal and vertical

Lesson 4 – Parallel and perpendicular

Arithmetic practise Lesson 5 29.06

Maths Videos-Maths videos



Lesson 1 Answers – Right angles in shapes

Lesson 2 Answers – Compare angles

Lesson 3 Answers – Horizontal and vertical

Lesson 4 Answers – Parallel and perpendicular


Week beginning 22nd June

Learning memo 2206 Y3

Australia Reading Comprehension

Numbers in French 0-31

French colour by number




Lesson 1 – Add lengths

Lesson 2 – Subtract lengths

Lesson 3 – Measure perimeter

Lesson 4 – Calculate perimeter

Arithmetic practise Lesson 5 22.06



Maths- Answers

Lesson 1 Answers – Add lengths

Lesson 2 Answers – Subtract lengths

Lesson 3 Answers – Measure perimeter

Lesson 4 Answers – Calculate perimeter


Week beginning 15th June

Learning memo 1506 Y3

Grammar a or an

Guided Reading Sloths

French Number Puzzle 1-20



Lesson 1 – Measure length

Lesson 2 – Equivalent lengths – m and cm

Lesson 3 – Equivalent lengths – mm and cm

Lesson 4 – Compare lengths

Arithmetic practise Lesson 5 15.06

Maths Videos-Videos


Maths- Answers

Lesson 1 Answers – Measure length

Lesson 2 Answers – Equivalent lengths – m and cm

Lesson 3 Answers – Equivalent lengths – mm and cm

Lesson 4 Answers – Compare lengths


Week beginning 8th June

Learning memo 0806 Y3

French Dominoes

Birds in your Garden Guided Reading


Statutory Spellings

Animal Fact Files


Maths- Worksheets

Lesson 1 – Add two 3-digit numbers

Lesson 2 – Subtract 3-digit numbers from 3-digit numbers

Lesson 3 – Subtract a 3-digit number from a 3-digit number

Lesson 4 – Estimate answers to calculations

Arithmetic practise Lesson 5 08.06

Videos- Maths Videos

Maths- Answers

Lesson 1 Answers – Add two 3-digit numbers

Lesson 2 Answers – Subtract 3-digit numbers from 3-digit numbers

Lesson 3 Answers – Subtract a 3-digit number from a 3-digit number

Lesson 4 Answers – Estimate answers to calculations


Home Learning

Year 3 have been very busy doing some fantastic home learning!


Well done to Mabel and Jack A who walked/ran an amazing 40 miles for the Devon Virtual Games receiving a gold certificate for their fantastic efforts.


We are learning about the importance of being healthy in our PSHE topic. Ashton has made a very healthy lunch and was able to explain the different benefits of each food group. Fabulous job!


Well done Layla who made a pizza to support her maths learning by dividing them into tenths.

Harry H sliced his cake into eighths. Mabel is showing us she is eating one tenth!

Well done to Aiden, Layla, Harry H, Mabel, Jack A, Ruby and Noah who have been practising their times tables.



Alastair has been doing some great fractions work with a very yummy looking cheesecake!


Layla has made some delicious looking cheese scones, she also used it to help her with her fractions work.

Well done to Noah who has been baking some fabulous buns and used it to help him make arrays, super star!

Harry M has been working hard on his White Rose Maths.


Year 3 have been writing poems about having magical pockets! Well done to Freddie and Jack A for your brilliant work. 

Year 3 have been making amazing fact files about animals. Well done to Harry M, Aiden, Sophie, Layla, Freddie and Jack S.

Well done to Noah and Juno for practising their conjunctions.






I have loved reading your poems about shadows linked to our science topic.

My shadow
Sneaking silently under trees.
Black as a night sky.
When I look back there’s only darkness.
Sometimes I feel my shadow right behind me or sometimes in front.
It shelters spying on me at night.
When I’m in bed at night asleep, my shadow is asleep too.
By Issy
My Shadow
Shadows slither silently in front of me.
Surfing speedily beside me.
Scary shadows beneath me.
Slugs and snails slimy shadows around me.
Shy shadows sneak and stretch behind me.
By Ashton


I love my shadow
It is big when the sun is high
It copies me, still or stretch
A sunless sky is sad and somber
Shady secrets
Clouds on the move, shadow surprise!
By Rufus

My shadow

My shadow is sneaky and stretchy and he always thinks he’s invited.

I suddenly spot him silently sliding across the wall.

“Stop” I shouted “go away – I am fed up with you snooping and slouching around me.”

As I turn around he slowly slips onto the floor behind me.

My shadow always thinks he’s invited.

By Juno


My shadow is sometimes big like a giant or small.

Most of time he is shy and behind me.

But sometimes runs away to go and see friends.

Most of the time he is crawling behind me getting me dirty

My shadow goes to bed hours before me like when the

Sun sets

My stupid sneaky shadow

Messy miming with meeeeeeeeeeeee

By Harry M

By Noah

My Shadow

Staggering, sneaky shadow

the sun makes it tall and small.

Disappearing in the night time.

Staying close behind me and creeping up the wall.

Silently slithering and sniggering my shadow follows me everywhere I go.

By Harry H


By Sophie

I have really enjoyed reading your poems including alliteration. Well done Year 3!

African Animals

Lion lazily laying in the scorching sun

Enormous elephants eating everything

Rhinoceros rampaging rudely

Mischievous monkeys making mess

Cheetah chasing graceful gazelles.

By Harry C


The giraffe kept growing

He was golden and great

A gentle and grateful creature

Gobbling up green leaves

Like a greedy, gifted giraffe

By Rufus

By Jack A

Cats in the night
Carnivorous cats catching mice
Cute and cuddly when sleeping deep
Clever but cautious creeping through the cat flap
Climbing carefully up the curtains.
By Ashton
Got you!

The snake slips smoothly out of the see through tank.

In and out of people’s legs!

It slithers out of the house, its scaly body so slim and soft but silent and scary.

“Got you!” shouted a small girl.

The snake wriggled and wriggled but in her tight grasp he couldn’t escape.

By Juno


My dark, dirty dog

Dug up the dainty delicate daisy

Like a dangerous dinosaur

By Harry H


The dirty dog digs a ditch
Dancing and dabbing, damaging daisies.
The dalmatian’s delicious dinner was done
It was time for Derek the drooling Dalmatian to doze zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
By Noah
Fish can be fierce
they have flickering fins
fish float away from fishermen.
By Mabel

By Harry M

Some fantastic homophone work in Year 3 by Mabel, Noah and Harry H.

I have really enjoyed reading your acrostic poems Year 3, well done!


Puppy is my new pet

Unique golden colours in her fur

Perfect addition to our family

Playing fetch with the ball

Young but not for long

By Layla


Active, jumping about
Milk and colostrum
Bleating in the sun
Sleeping happily

By Rufus


Plucky penguins

Eat fish a lot

Not always nice

Getting warmer cuddling

Using wings to push the water away

In the cold sea swimming around

Naughty some times.

By Tristan

Cats strolling in the night, purring with their glowing eyes
Attacking a wild, gigantic mouse
Tired in the day
Sleeping in the raging hot sun.
By Ashton

By Issy

By Noah


Rabbits are fluffy and fast.

At their bottom they have a pom pom tail.

Bunnies hop around and twitch their nose.

Bunnies make lots of babies.

In their burrows they hide a sleep.

They eat carrots, cabbages and radish.

By Juno





Lurking and hunting

Extra power

Swooping and grabs its prey.

By Jack A

By Harry M


Lolliping about in the grass

Impatient for its prey.

On its heels ready to pounce

Neeeeowww it caught it…….YAY

By Ruby


Millions of them running around.

`Onest creatures really

Unusual but cute.

Silent in the night

Eeek eeek eeek

By Ruby

By Archie


Saturn is the second largest planet
Astronauts have never travelled there
The rings are 175,000 miles across
Uranus is 9.7 astronomical units away
Rotation takes 10 hours 45 minutes
NASA discovered it has 62 moons.
By Amelie

By William R

By Harry C


Unbelievable mythical creatures
Night time they come out to play
I’ve seen them
Caring creatures loving their babies
On their special turf
Running with the wind
No one has ever seen them except me.
By Harry H


In Science we are now learning about forces and magnets. Here is Noah exploring gravity and air resistance using paper aeroplanes.


To support our science topic about light we have been making sundials at home. Well done everyone!


For our science project we were learning about how shadows were formed. Here is Noah exploring what happens when using different objects.


Issy and Harry has been learning about light with our cardboard box experiment. They have learnt that light travels in straight lines and without light it will be dark and you cannot see.

Jack A, Harry C and William R  made a whizzer wheel for our science learning. They have learnt that  white light is made up of 7 different colours. However, when you spin the wheel really fast it turns white!


Year 3 have been making the robots from their robot stories! Well done Mabel and Sophie.

Some fantastic puppets have been made for our puppet shows! Well done Noah and Ruby


Noah, Layla  and Ruby have created some beautiful spring art work representing the changes they have seen happening around them.

Here is some fabulous Art work Harry C has been doing:


Some very creative and lovely rainbows have been made to support the NHS and key workers. Well done Jennifer, Layla, Harry H, Harry C, Sophie and Noah.


World Book Day

Here are some of our fantastic costumes for World Book Day.


We had another visit from Mr Dell this term who spoke to us all about the history of Tavistock.

Year 3 were lucky enough to have a visit from Warburtons. We had a talk about healthy eating, food hygiene and how to make healthy sandwiches. Using what we had learnt, we were able to make our own healthy sandwiches!


We have been learning how to sew a running stitch in Textiles. Here are some examples of our lovely work:


We have all created a piece of Batik artwork.

First we designed our Batik:

Then we placed the design under a cloth a poured wax onto it in different patterns:

Then we added paint:

Here is an example of a final piece of our Batik artwork:

We have been learning about how people in the Bronze Age made clothes on big wooden looms. First, we made our own paper plate looms:

Then we learnt how to weave:

Here are our lovely finished pieces:















We have been learning to make stencils and how to print them carefully onto paper.


Congratulations to all of Year 3 for taking part in their bikeability training.


We have been learning about poetry and have especially enjoyed performing our poems. We created actions to the poems and have practised using expression in our voices.


We have been using multilink to help us understand how to divide by 3.

We have been using place value charts and counters to answer tricky addition and subtraction questions.

Our lovely class pets

We have been learning how to take care of our guinea pigs.

Year 3 multi skills event

We learnt to play lots of exciting sports- we especially enjoyed trying fencing!


A geologist came to visit us to talk to us about rocks and fossils. We explored different rocks and fossils and were able to understand how they are formed.


Year 3 went on a class trip to Bellever Woods. We learnt all about the Bronze Age and discovered what has been left behind.





Mr Dell visited us to talk about  the Stone Age. We explored artefacts and he helped to answer our questions about them.


In DT we designed and made our own toys based on a force that we had learned about in science. We looked at toys that used magnets, push and pull forces, gravity and friction.


First we tested some toys to see what we liked and disliked about them.

Then we designed our own toys and evaluated them.

After that we made our own toys!



Today in maths we looks into scaling up shapes. we made different shapes out of sticks and then worked out how many more sticks we would need to make them bigger.


We learnt about scaling in maths today. We used multi link to build towers. We looked at word problems such as, Sarah’s tower is 3 blocks high, Toms tower is 3 times as high. How many blocks is Toms tower? We then used our times tables to help us work out the answer.




Today in maths we played a game to help us with our times tables. We threw balls into three different areas. Each area was worth a different amount of points 8,4 and 3. We recorded the scores and then used our times tables to work out the total score.


We made lots of artefacts in history today. we have been learning about lots of different Egyptian objects in groups and today we made some of them. We made Pyramids, Death Masks, Jewellery, Scarab Beetles, Tombs and even a model of the river Nile!



Today in Science we explored with magnets. We were looking at the strength of magnets, push and pull of magnets and also investigating which materials are magnetic and non magnetic.


We looked at friction in Science today. We tested different materials on a ramp to see what effect friction would have on a car going down it. We tested plastic, carpet, sandpaper, towel and bubble wrap. We also tested the ramp at different heights and even discussed the effect of aerodynamics on the car itself.


This week in English we have been retelling the story of Cinderella. These are our photos telling the original story using talk for writing.


Year 3 Art week

We had a great time during our Art week! Thank you Mrs Gibbins for coming in to visit us. Here are some photos of the things we got up to.


Measuring in Maths

We learnt about measurement in Maths. We measured different items around the classroom and we also measured each other. We then looked to see if there was any correlation between our height and foot sizes.





We have been learning about fractions in Maths. We used counters to help us figure it out the answers.


Reading Buddies

We’ve been reading our books to each other, taking it in turns to read and describe what has happened in our stories.


Teacher – Sarah Earley


Forest School Fun!


Spooky Tales

We planned and wrote our own Halloween stories.  Mrs Earley lit an imitation campfire and we told each other our scary stories in front of a spooky forest backdrop, cuddled up in our blankets.


Investigating number

Some of our maths groups worked in pairs to investigate similarities and differences in numbers and discussed what they noticed.

Performance Poems

We learnt poems to perform to the class and in our assembly.