Year 3

Year 3 2017/18

Sunflower seed planting

We looked at how to grow a sunflower and designed and made our own seed packets.

We then used our own written instructions from our packets to plant our seeds.

Sports day

The weather was fabulous for our sports day. We had fun trying to earn as many points for our houses. The overall winners were Purple house. Green house won the trophy for consideration – Well done everyone!

Light and shadow puppet shows

Year 3 have been designing and making puppets as part of our topic on light and shadow.

We experimented with different effects, backgrounds and character size before deciding on the final designs.

Finally, we evaluated our findings.

We presented our puppet shows to the Foundation and Year 1 classes.

By their reactions , they enjoyed it!

Outdoor learning

Our Monday afternoon outside learning sessions have begun again now that the Spring has arrived.

This week had a go at ‘Woodland Weaving’ with some great results!

Japanese student visit

We had a lovely visit from two Japanese students who helped us to learn the art of Origami. We made a variety of different things including flowers, hearts, fortune tellers and aeroplanes!

We also had the opportunity to make bookmarks in the style of Japanese Manga art.

Sport Relief

We enjoyed taking part in the challenges organised by Mr Jones throughout the week  for Sport  Relief, whilst raising money for a very good cause at the same time.

Year 3 were particularly good at the ‘Tug of war’ only narrowly missing out on a victory against the Year 4 class!

World book Day

We were so excited to come to school as our favourite book characters!

Everybody got the opportunity to share their books with the class.


We have been using ‘talk for writing’ to write and perform our poems this week.

We worked in small groups to practise and recite our chosen poems.


Stone-Age clay creations

We made spears and beads out of air-drying clay.


We were lucky to see the owls that visited our school.  We even got to stroke them.



We had so much fun taking part in our Multi-Skills event at Tavistock Primary.

Maths Investigation

We used a variety of resources to investigated different ways of representing number and number sentences.




Working together to create cave paintings

Our Fabulously muddy trip to Bellever Forest











































































If you go down to the woods today…

You might see some woodland faces carved from clay, lurking in the trees!

We had fun making potions in the conservation area.

We also worked in groups to construct a home for a small world character.