Year 3



Year 3 were lucky enough to have a visit from Warburtons. We had a talk about healthy eating, food hygiene and how to make healthy sandwiches. Using what we had learnt, we were able to make our own healthy sandwiches!



We have been learning about how people in the Bronze Age made clothes on big wooden looms. First, we made our own paper plate looms:

Then we learnt how to weave:

Here are our lovely finished pieces:

We have been learning to make stencils and how to print them carefully onto paper.


Congratulations to all of Year 3 for taking part in their bikeability training.


We have been learning about poetry and have especially enjoyed performing our poems. We created actions to the poems and have practised using expression in our voices.


We have been using multilink to help us understand how to divide by 3.

We have been using place value charts and counters to answer tricky addition and subtraction questions.

Our lovely class pets…

We have been learning how to take care of our guinea pigs.

Year 3 multi skills event

We learnt to play lots of exciting sports- we especially enjoyed trying fencing!


A geologist came to visit us to talk to us about rocks and fossils. We explored different rocks and fossils and were able to understand how they are formed.


Year 3 went on a class trip to Bellever Woods. We learnt all about the Bronze Age and discovered what has been left behind.

Mr Dell visited us to talk about  the Stone Age. We explored artefacts and he helped to answer our questions about them.


In DT we designed and made our own toys based on a force that we had learned about in science. We looked at toys that used magnets, push and pull forces, gravity and friction.


First we tested some toys to see what we liked and disliked about them.

Then we designed our own toys and evaluated them.

After that we made our own toys!



Today in maths we looks into scaling up shapes. we made different shapes out of sticks and then worked out how many more sticks we would need to make them bigger.


We learnt about scaling in maths today. We used multi link to build towers. We looked at word problems such as, Sarah’s tower is 3 blocks high, Toms tower is 3 times as high. How many blocks is Toms tower? We then used our times tables to help us work out the answer.




Today in maths we played a game to help us with our times tables. We threw balls into three different areas. Each area was worth a different amount of points 8,4 and 3. We recorded the scores and then used our times tables to work out the total score.


We made lots of artefacts in history today. we have been learning about lots of different Egyptian objects in groups and today we made some of them. We made Pyramids, Death Masks, Jewellery, Scarab Beetles, Tombs and even a model of the river Nile!



Today in Science we explored with magnets. We were looking at the strength of magnets, push and pull of magnets and also investigating which materials are magnetic and non magnetic.


We looked at friction in Science today. We tested different materials on a ramp to see what effect friction would have on a car going down it. We tested plastic, carpet, sandpaper, towel and bubble wrap. We also tested the ramp at different heights and even discussed the effect of aerodynamics on the car itself.


This week in English we have been retelling the story of Cinderella. These are our photos telling the original story using talk for writing.


Year 3 Art week

We had a great time during our Art week! Thank you Mrs Gibbins for coming in to visit us. Here are some photos of the things we got up to.


Measuring in Maths

We learnt about measurement in Maths. We measured different items around the classroom and we also measured each other. We then looked to see if there was any correlation between our height and foot sizes.





We have been learning about fractions in Maths. We used counters to help us figure it out the answers.


Reading Buddies

We’ve been reading our books to each other, taking it in turns to read and describe what has happened in our stories.


Teacher – Sarah Earley

Forest School Fun!


Spooky Tales

We planned and wrote our own Halloween stories.  Mrs Earley lit an imitation campfire and we told each other our scary stories in front of a spooky forest backdrop, cuddled up in our blankets.


Investigating number

Some of our maths groups worked in pairs to investigate similarities and differences in numbers and discussed what they noticed.

Performance Poems

We learnt poems to perform to the class and in our assembly.