Year 3

Year 3 2017/18

World book Day

We were so excited to come to school as our favourite book characters!

Everybody got the opportunity to share their books with the class.


We have been using ‘talk for writing’ to write and perform our poems this week.

We worked in small groups to practise and recite our chosen poems.



Marshmallows and hot chocolate!

We braved the cold weather to toast marshmallows and drink hot chocolate during our conservation afternoon.

‘Thank you’ to Mr Jones for keeping the fire going and heating up the water so that we could drink our chocolate hot.

Stone-Age clay creations

We made spears and beads out of air-drying clay.


We were lucky to see the owls that visited our school.  We even got to stroke them.



We had so much fun taking part in our Multi-Skills event at Tavistock Primary.

Maths Investigation

We used a variety of resources to investigated different ways of representing number and number sentences.




Working together to create cave paintings

Our Fabulously muddy trip to Bellever Forest




























































If you go down to the woods today…

You might see some woodland faces carved from clay, lurking in the trees!

We had fun making potions in the conservation area.

We also worked in groups to construct a home for a small world character.