Year 2


Sept 2019

Grow your own lettuce.

We are reading the text “Grow your own lettuce” to help us write instructions. We followed the instructions in the text and are hoping to grow our own lettuces.

Botelet Farm

We are learning about the history of farming. We visited Botelet Farm to find out more. We fed chickens, searched for old farming machinery and even took a tractor ride!

Marvellous maths

We have been exploring fact families in maths using part-whole models and bar models to help us.


Traditional Tales

We have been learning about traditional tales. We have acted them out and hot-seated different characters. We used our ideas to write our own traditional tales.


We enjoyed a morning at Multi-skills where we got to use our PE skills and learn some new tricks! It was also a great opportunity to meet and learn with children from other schools in the area.



Plymouth Synagogue

We visited Plymouth Synagogue to support our learning about the Jewish faith. Jerry showed us around, showed us the different objects and explained what they were for. Some of us took on the different roles of important people within a synagogue.

River habitats

We worked with Annabel from the Westcountry Rivers Trust to explore the river and find out what lives there. We found some amazing creatures and know that because we found Mayfly nymphs, our river must be clean!


Fractions fun

We have been remembering about fractions in our maths. Here we are trying to sort pictures of fractions and convince our friends about why we think they match.

Make a habitat

In science we have been learning about animal habitats. As part of our home learning we have been choosing habitats to make.



As part of our science topic looking at how animals grow and change we have looked after some caterpillars and have watched them grow, form chrysalides and become beautiful painted lady butterflies.

Sports Day

We all had so much fun at sports day putting our PE skills to good use. Congratulations to Red House for wining the Fair Play Award and Purple House for being overall winners!

Fun with Maths

Have a look at some of the maths that we have been doing in Year 2 lately. We have really been enjoying these activities.

Science – outdoor learning.

This term we are using the outdoors to support our science work. This week we explored the plants growing in the conservation area.

V. I. P

Each person in year 2 is having a turn to present a V.I.P talk about a subject of their choice. We have enjoyed finding out about coin collections, pets, holidays and places around the world. Here are some photos of us being the V. I. P.

Home learning

We have been enjoying our home learning challenges. We have been making castles and trying out our healthy eating recipes.

Buckland Abbey

We visited Buckland Abbey to learn about Sir Francis Drake. We loved trying on Tudor clothes.

Chinese New Year

Mrs Jordan shared her knowledge about Chinese New Year with us. We looked at Chinese cookware and made some stir fry – yummy!


Pizza Express

We visited Pizza Express to learn how to make pizzas. We are reading a text called “The Little Red Hen makes a pizza” and we will be writing instructions after our visit.


We enjoyed a morning of multi-skills. We tried dancing, badminton and cricket as well as other sports.










Fowlescombe Farm

We visited the farm as we are learning about the history of farming. We had a great day planting seeds, building pig pens, holding chicks and driving tractors!

Conker Competition.

Autumn fun with our conkers!