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Year 1

Teacher: karengarlick@whitchurch-primary.devon.sch.uk


Please find below a video to help you correctly say the sounds to help your child when they are reading at home.

Autumnal Art

As part of our science topic about the seasons, we used the leaves and acorns we found in school to create autumnal art.



This term we have be learning about toys from the past. We explored old toys and played games from the past. Some of the games we already knew, like Snake and Ladders and some games we had to learn how to play, such as Tiddlywinks.


Design and Technology 

The biggest Billy Goat Gruff asked us to design, build and test a bridge strong enough for all three Billy goats as their old one broke. We designed our own bridges, built them then tested how well they worked. Once we did that, we talked about how we might change our bridge if we built it again. We worked well in pairs to make sure our bridges worked.



Conker competition 




We have been learning how to move using the gym equipment.



We have been learning about the different seasons and the weather associated with it. We acted out the different weather types for each season and packed a suitable bag of clothing for a holiday in each season.




We have been practicing counting forwards and backwards by using number tracks and dice.



Independent Learning Challenges 

Year 1 have been completing independent challenges since returning back in school. This week we created special buildings linked to the learning in RE.