Year 1



Science- Year 1 trip to our school pond

Year 1 went to our school pond to explore and identify local pond wildlife. The children used nets , trays and microscopes to look at animals and their habitat.


Year 1 have been exploring representing numbers in different ways.





















Year 1 have been learning about different trees in our local area . We particularly looked at the shapes of their leaves.









Year 1 visited Cohtele Woods as part of their outdoor learning. They looked at Autumn trees and were able to recognise common trees in our local area. They learnt how to stay safe around an open fire.































































Year 1 have been learning how to measure ingredients to make bread. This was part of their harvest topic and TV Chef ICT topic.

After making the bread, Year 1 then recorded themselves as TV Bake Off  Chefs showing an audience how to prepare the ingredients.















Year 1 have been working on parts of a whole and creating addition number sentences.















Well done to Foundation and Year 1 for partaking in the multiskills event. The children all loved trying the different sports, especially the fencing and dancing.


Year 1 have been learning how to play Glockenspiels with an accordion accompaniment.





















Ordering Number Bonds

Year have been using part-whole models to order number bonds.


Skeleton Leaves


We have been learning about the human skeleton. We drew skeletons with chalk in the playground and filled them with autumn leaves.

Art in Year 1

Year 1 created images using primary and secondary colours.

Year 1 searched for mini beasts








Year 1

Year 1 have been taking part in weekly V.I.P speeches. Here are a few examples.

Police Visit

Year 1 enjoyed a visit from our local police officer. He came to tell us about his work in the community.

Year 1 have been baking. They have weighed the ingredients and melted ingredients to make Easter Chocolate cakes.

Year 1 celebrating more V.I.P speeches about topics they are interested in. The topics below are about dinosaurs and saving the planet.








Pupils in Year 1 enjoyed making plants using different materials and labelling them

Pupils in Year 1 enjoyed some out door learning, discovering our local plants and naming them.















VIP speeches by pupils in Year 1 interested in London and our local swimming pool




















Pupils in Year 1 making meaning of maths through images

VIP day about their half term trips to France. Both pupils used power points as a tool to talk about their trips. The class asked them questions after their presentations.










Year 1 went to the pond as part of their environmental learning. They helped place plants into the water.

Year 1 went to Wembury beach to learn all about rockpool sea creatures. They had an interactive lesson with some Wembury visitors who talked and answered questions about our local beaches and wildlife.

Year 1 have been exploring wheels and axles.

Year 1 have been exploring the value of coins.