Year 1


Skeleton Leaves

We have been learning about the human skeleton. We drew skeletons with chalk in the playground and filled them with autumn leaves.

Art in Year 1

Year 1 created images using primary and secondary colours.

Year 1 searched for mini beasts








Year 1

Year 1 have been taking part in weekly V.I.P speeches. Here are a few examples.








Police Visit

Year 1 enjoyed a visit from our local police officer. He came to tell us about his work in the community.


Year 1 have been baking. They have weighed the ingredients and melted ingredients to make Easter Chocolate cakes.








Year 1 celebrating more V.I.P speeches about topics they are interested in. The topics below are about dinosaurs and saving the planet.















Pupils in Year 1 enjoyed making plants using different materials and labelling them








Pupils in Year 1 enjoyed some out door learning, discovering our local plants and naming them.










VIP speeches by pupils in Year 1 interested in London and our local swimming pool



















Pupils in Year 1 making meaning of maths through images