House Activity Morning

Autumn Term 2015

Yellow house spent the morning making junk models as a team. Year 6 organised a piece of art work that incorporated each member of the house.


Green house spent some of the morning completing a scavenger hunt in the conservation area.

We also did some beautiful art work with Mrs Gibbins.

SDC15063.JPG SDC15066.JPG SDC15068.JPG SDC15070.JPG SDC15071.JPG SDC15072.JPG SDC15074.JPG SDC15075.JPG SDC15078.JPG SDC15079.JPG



Yellow House

Yellow House spent the morning learning to paint on silk.  The children worked in teams to create a design and paint it.  The designs will be made into cushions for the school library.

 Purple House

We enjoyed a morning of designing and cooking christmas biscuits. We then went and had fun on the gym equipment in the hall.

SDC10689.JPG SDC10690.JPG SDC10691.JPG SDC10692.JPG SDC10693.JPG SDC10695.JPG SDC10696.JPG SDC10697.JPG SDC10698.JPG SDC10700.JPG SDC10701.JPG SDC10719.JPG SDC10722.JPG SDC10724.JPG SDC10725.JPG SDC10726.JPG SDC10727.JPG SDC10730.JPG SDC10731.JPG SDC10732.JPG SDC10735.JPG SDC10736.JPG SDC10737.JPG SDC10738.JPG SDC10739.JPG SDC10740.JPG SDC10741.JPG SDC10742.JPG SDC10743.JPG SDC10745.JPG SDC10747.JPG SDC10749.JPG SDC10750.JPG SDC10751.JPG SDC10752.JPG SDC10753.JPG SDC10756.JPG SDC10757.JPG SDC10758.JPG SDC10759.JPG SDC10763.JPG




Red House

Red house had a wonderful morning singing and making music from different cultures.

SDC13248.JPG SDC13249.JPG SDC13250.JPG SDC13251.JPG SDC13252.JPG SDC13253.JPG SDC13254.JPG SDC13255.JPG SDC13256.JPG

Yellow House

Yellow House enjoyed their creative morning. They made an amazing canvas using the story of The Wizard of Oz. We painted, printed and used collage to make our beautiful picture.




Blue House

This time Blue House made a amazing canvas with the stimulus being The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe. The children painted, coloured and made play dough models.


We have had another successful house morning with lots of fun activities.

Purple House

Purple House really entered in to the spirit of the morning. The canvas this time was based on the story of Alice in Wonder Land. The collage of Alice was amazing. The children enjoyed painting and modelling with purple play dough. A good time was had by all!


Orange House

We made a canvas based on the story of James and the Giant Peach. The children explored the story through paint, modelling and drawing. We all had a lovely time.


We have just enjoyed our second house morning.  Both the children and the adults thoroughly enjoyed themselves.  See below what each house did throughout the morning.

Red House – Story through art, play dough, water colour painting and drawing.



Blue House – Cooking a healthy snack and breakdancing.

We made some heathly dips, chopped some vegetables and made yummy cheese straws, which we really enjoyed eating at snack time.  After our snack Jacob (Mrs Earley’s son) taught us some wicked breakdance moves.  We had a fantastic morning.


On the 6th November, the school split up into our house groups to take part in some different exciting activities. This gave the children chance to work with children from other classes.

Red House


Green House – Story Art

Green House made a beautiful canvas using the story of Peter Pan as the stimulus. We used paint, paper, stencils, stars and glitter to produce our picture. We all joined in working together to have fun filled  morning. We also had green play dough,  Peter Pan pictures to colour and paint. We had a very busy time.


Blue House – Whitchurch Woodland Project

The children from blue house visited the conservation area. “We had loads of fun, we made pictures with leaves and sticks. We toasted marshmallows on a fire and we had some delicious hot chocolate!”

Purple House

We had a great morning cooking soup and making cheese scones.


We were lucky as when we weren’t cooking we had a breakdance lesson from Mrs Earley’s son Jacob.  He started by showing us what he could do (which was amazing!) then he showed us some basic steps which we put together to create a small routine.  It was fantastic learning a new skill and such a fun and exciting one.  We had to persevere and really focus.  Even Mrs Syrett, Mrs Poppe, Mrs Earley and Mrs Craig had a go.  They weren’t quite as good as us but they certainly had a laugh trying.  Thanks Jacob, we will be sure to use our new moves at the next school disco!


Yellow House – Junk Modelling

We worked together in small groups to create some fantastic ‘Junk Models’. We had a brilliant  morning – Cutting, sticking, glueing and painting – Not forgetting our enormous clear up at the end of the session.


junk model 02.JPGjunk model 1.JPGjunk model 10.JPGjunk model 11.JPGjunk model 12.JPGjunk model 13.JPGjunk model 14.JPGjunk model 15.JPGjunk model 16.JPGjunk model 17.JPGjunk model 18.JPGjunk model 19.JPGjunk model 20.JPGjunk model 3.JPGjunk model 5.JPGjunk model 6.JPGjunk model 7.JPGjunk model 9.JPGjunk model a.JPGjunk model c.JPGjunk model d.JPG

Orange House had a wonderful time singing and making up a dance to their House song. They also made up an extra verse with actions. As you can see it was a morning to make everyone smile!





We had a wonderful day for our third round of House mornings. The sun shone beautifully for us and everyone had a very enjoyable morning.  Below are the photagraphs taken of the various activities – see the smiles!

Blue House had a great time learning their House song and creating moves to accompany their singing.