Antarctic Explorer

Wow Foundation loved meeting John Killingbeck who has explored and travelled Antartica several times. John kindly bought in his 12ft sledge, husky harnesses , Antarctic clothes (and much more) for the children to see and handle. Foundation were fascinated by his wonderful stories, thank you John!

Arctic Investigation

Today Foundation had to work out how to help the frozen arctic animals escape the iceberg. The children made observations about the effect salt, cold water, warm water and tapping the ice had. They were fantastic at finding new ways to solve problems and making links to their own experiences of ice.

Welcome to The Arctic 

We have transformed our classroom into The Arctic. Foundation love learning about Arctic Facts and have chosen 3 animals in particular to learn about: arctic fox,polar bear and a walrus. Foundation love learning the big scientific words ‘camouflaged’, ‘blubber’ and ‘transparent’.

Measuring in Maths 

This week we are learning about measuring. Foundation enjoyed measuring their partners height using non-standard methods. It was also a fantastic lesson because the children were counting the number of objects used and using language related to length.

Welly Wednesday

This week we used a kelly kettle to boil water and make hot chocolate. The children were very good at being safe and listening around the fire. We also had tyres and other resources to play with.



(Welly Wednesday Witch Wands)

After reading ‘Room on the Broom’ the children went to the Conservation Area and made their own wands. The children were all using ‘magic’ words to cast spells. There were lots of spells that turned their teachers into horrid and silly creatures! 🙂

Balance Ability

Foundation had 5 amazing sessions on the balance bikes this week. Andy and Carlie taught the children lot of different balancing skills to help them learn to ride a bike. It was also useful for the children who could already ride bikes. Nearly all of the class could ride a pedal bike on their own at the end.

Welcome Assembly

Well done to Foundation for taking part in their special Welcome Assembly. You have all had a wonderful first half term in school and we are so proud of you!!


Welly Wednesday

Foundation LOVE Welly Wednesdays. Below are some photos of us making mud cakes, going on bug bunts and working as a team to build dens.

Reading Workshop

Here is the link to a website which will help you at home with the ‘pure sounds’ each letter makes.

Please scroll down the page until you find the  ‘Phonics audio guide: how to say the sounds’.