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Teachers: jennylane@whitchurch-primary.devon.sch.uk



Easter Bonnets

Today we made Easter bonnets with Mrs O’Shea Warman to celebrate Easter and her last day.

Easter Craft

Water Play


Foundation have read the book ‘Stickman’ and made their own stick characters. They took their stick on a journey around the school. Soon they are going to write about their sticks journey.

Number Bonds to 10

STEM Problem solving

Can you rescue the stranded people by building a bridge for them to cross?

Spring Hunt

This week at home and in school we have been searching for signs of Spring.

Home Learning 

Mrs Lane’s Slime Video


Jack and the Beanstalk 10.2.2021

This week we are reading and learning the story ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’. As part of our creative curriculum we have all made our own castles using junk. They are fantastic!!


Cress Sandwiches 

Foundation have grown there own cress. After filling in a cress diary and making predictions they finally ate their own cress sandwiches. Yummy!

Bird watch week 29.01.21


Thinking about our houses 22.01.21


Drawing  Mums and Das sitting and having a cup of tea! 18.1.2021


Watch Gregory tell his story here.Video

Foundation have been busy at home and at school. Here are some of the things we have been doing.

Home learning 08.01.21

Here is some of the fabulous learning that Foundation children have been doing at home this week.

Christmas fun

Christmas dinner, circle of light and Secret Santa.

Foundation Christmas Video

Christmas Activities

Wintery weather

This morning it was very frosty so we went out to explore how the frost feels and sounds. We discovered it was ‘crunchy, scrunchy and sparkly.’

Frozen Experiment

We are learning about the Arctic. Today the children had to work as a team to free the animals from the icebergs. They used ice and warm water, and some of the animals needed digging out. They children were great at describing how the ice felt, and also were able to identify lots of different artic animals.


We had so much fun learning to ride bikes   and playing games.


Children in Need

We had a fun mufti day and a yummy Pudsey biscuit. Thank you for your donations.


We found out about the festival of Divali and enjoyed making colourful rangoli patterns.






Rocket Junk Modelling

Foundation have enjoyed making their own creations using junk. We also worked together as a class to build a huge rocket.


We had an exciting afternoon watching the school bonfire.


For next few weeks we are about going to be exploring the topic ‘space’. The children have enjoyed playing in their space station role play. We are currently reading ‘Whatever Next’, and the children are beginning to think about the items that they would take to space.

Hibernating Animals

Today we collected acorns and hid them around our school as a food source for the animals that are about to hibernate.

Nocturnal Animals

This week we are exploring what it it’s like to be a nocturnal animal. In the classroom we have our dark hideout and torches to help us explore the dark.

Painting using broccoli

Foundation Welcome to Whitchurch 

Today we welcomed our new Foundation Stage children to our Whitchurch family. We all loved getting our special Whitchurch bears and certificates. We celebrated with a teddy bear picnic.


Autumn Fun

We have been exploring pumpkins and squashes using tools such as spoons, tweezers and hammers. We also enjoyed learning how to play conkers.


‘It’s My Birthday’

This week we used the story ‘It’s My Birthday’ By Helen Oxenbury as the centre of our learning. Foundation have immersed themselves in our bakery role-play, made mud cakes and enjoyed using the character masks.

Mini Me’s

Foundation are enjoying playing with little versions of themselves and their teachers. This activity encourages them to role play and communicate with their friends.

Autumn Leaf Art

After going on a welly walk, Foundation collected Autumn leaves then made their own leaf picture. They are on display in the classroom.

Bug Hunts

Foundation really enjoyed exploring our outdoor area so we decided to go on a bug hunt.