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Home Learning during School Closure

During the school closure we will be providing weekly outlines of home learning tasks. You can download these below.

**NEW **

2019-2020 Class

This video, from Oxford Owl, can help show how we pronounce the pure sounds (phonemes). The pure sounds make it easier for children to blend the sounds in their reading. Please note that not all the sounds featured in the video have been taught yet and will be taught in year 1. It is still important to work on these phonic sounds even when children are reading by sight as it builds a solid foundation for future reading and writing.


VE Day Celebrations

We may not have been able to be together at school to celebrate VE day but we can still celebrate together with our Union Jack flags. We have learned about VE day and made our own Union Jacks.


Home learning 

Ella has made a medal for Captain Tom Moore which she has put in a birthday card for him. What a kind and thoughtful thing to do Ella. Well done! I’m sure he will love it.


Alba and her Mum have used milk bottles to make Elmer the elephant. These are a great idea. The video will show you how to make them.




This week foundation have been enjoying lots of different home learning activities, here are just a few pictures which have been sent to me. Well done foundation, you have been amazing learners this week.




Thank you for sharing your amazing home learning from this week. You have all been very busy. Please feel free to email any pictures of any home learning you have done this week. I enjoy looking at them.


Observing pondlife


We found various life in the pond, including boatmen, snails and frog spawn.



Numbers to 20 

This week we have been exploring numbers to 20.


Number 10 bus.

We have been finding out different ways to make 10. We knew the bus had 10 seats, then we counted passengers onto the bus and worked out how many more we could fit on the bus. When some passengers got off the bus we could say how many were left using our knowledge of number bonds.


Julia Donaldson Stories

We have been exploring Julia Donaldson stories. We acted out the stories to our friends using puppets, learnt the Superworm chant and created maps from What the Ladybird Heard.




Walk to the post box

We walked up to the post box to post the letter we wrote to Father Christmas. We luckily met a jolly postman collecting his letters. He opened the post box so we could see inside.


Feeding the birds

We made birdfeeders and hung them on the trees outside our classroom. We hope to spot lots of different birds enjoying them.


Balance Ability

Well  done to Foundation for taking part in the balance ability course this week.

How can I help my child to learn at home?

Please visit https://hungrylittleminds.campaign.gov.uk/ for ideas and activities that will help your child to learn to home with you.

Making Wands

This week we have read some spooky books. Foundation have really enjoyed the ‘Winnie The Witch’ books and ‘Room on a Broom’. Based on their interests we went outside to collect our own stick wands then decorated them.

Bean bag maths

In PE we worked in teams to throw bean bags into a bucket. Using a simple tally we recorded successful throws and compared scores with the other groups.

Reading Workshop

As promised, here is the link to a website which will help you at home with the ‘pure sound’ each letter makes.


Please scroll down the page until you find the  ‘Phonics audio guide: how to say the sounds’.

Welly Wednesday

Today we went down to the conservation area and used sticks and leaves to build animal homes.


This week we are learning about nocturnal animals. To help us understand what it is like to live in the dark we have a black out tent to go into. There are also torches to help us see.

We love Gymnastics!!

Being part of the community

We have decorated a Goose for Goose Fair next week. If you go to the fair please keep your eye out of our Goose. They are going to be used as sign posts leading to the market. There are 6 more geese made by Whitchurch, see if you can spot them all!

We Love Maths

Look at the different maths activities we have this week

‘It’s My Birthday’

This week we have read the story ‘It’s My Birthday’. Together we used the story to make a list of ingredients and at the end of the week we made a delicious cake. The children have also role played the story using character masks and playdough. Some children wrote their own list of ingredients and designed their own cake.


We made our own numberblocks.

All About Me

Our topic is ‘All About Me’. Foundation have been talking about things they like and who is in their family. We are celebrating that everyone is different and every family is different. To help us celebrate being unique we have read the story ‘The Family Book’ and painted pictures of our own family, we have also created our own pasta faces. Next we will be using autumnal leaves to create ourselves with a different mixed media.





2018-2019 Class


In support of the Elmer Parade in Plymouth we’ve celebrated Elmer and made our own Batik Elephant.



This week we have been looking at 3D shapes. We have all built a large model using soft play shapes and we have all written a letter to the shape aliens on mars.

Check out lots of the other maths we’ve been up to.


Next week we will be revisiting the part-whole method.

Jungle Music

This week we have explored the sounds of different instruments. In our literacy books we then designed and wrote about the instrument we want to make. Using junk, paper-mache and other resources we then made our instruments. There are no photos of the final product as they will displayed in the DT exhibition at the end of term.

We’ve read the story ‘Tanka Tanka Skunk’ and played our instruments to the rhythm of the story.


Well done to Foundation and Year 1 for partaking in the multiskills event. The children all loved trying the different sports, especially the fencing and dancing.

Welly Wednesday

Foundation love finding worms so this week they decided to build worm hotels using sand and mud.

Making Jungle Smoothies

This week we made Jungle Smoothies which linked to our mathematic learning about capacity.

Sketching the jungle

In The Jungle

We started our new topic by building our own jungle. We went to the jungle and made our own jungle crowns using natural materials.

Float or Sink

Today  we went to the conservation area. The children found different objects and predicted if they would sink or float. They then used boats to see how many stones it could hold before it sank. Foundation enjoyed racing their boats down the river and working as a team.

Sports Day

Foundation were fantastic in their first sports day. Thank you to all the parents for supporting the event.

Boat Trip

Our topic this term is vehicles and journeys. Today we went into Devonport Dockyard and went on a boat trip. The boat took us up to the Tamar Bridge and out to Drakes Island. We saw police boats, ferries, yachts, war ships, a submarine, a tug boat and lots more!

Hindu Holi Festival

Foundation learnt about 2 religious celebrations this week, the Christian celebration of Easter and the Hindu celebration of colour called Holi. Foundation know that different people have different beliefs and it is important to respect that.

Picnic on the Moors

Foundation walked 4 miles today to the Cricket Club and Pimple. They loved having a picnic in the beautiful spring weather and playing games together. Before we left Foundation tasted their home grown cress and added some to their own sandwiches. We were able to observe lots of different spring wild life, but Foundation thought the fast jet and low flying helicopter was much more exciting!



This week we are learning about Dinosaurs so we decided to make our own fossils. We used a special recipe that had sand, salt, flour and coffee in it. We pushed various toy animals and toy dinosaurs into our dough then baked the fossils in the oven.

World Book Day

The Three Billy Goats Gruff

This week we have read the story ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff’. The children have worked in groups and acted out the story. In maths we looked at images of bridges and then built our own bridges. On Welly Wednesday we went outside and planted our own cress seeds because we know how much goats like green grass and plants. Foundation thoroughly enjoyed this week!

People Who Help Us

This week we have learnt about people who help us. We were really lucky that the police, fire officers, a vet and a doctor came to school to see us. Foundation loved asking them questions and finding out more about their jobs. We are really grateful to them all for coming in, we thoroughly enjoyed it.

Nature Hunt

Foundation went on a nature hunt in the Conservation Area. They worked with a partner to find different leaves, animals and objects in the woods.

Having fun in the snow

There might have only been a small amount of snow, but Foundation were eager to go out and play in it. It was a fantastic opportunity to observe the winter season which led to a melting snow experiment inside the classroom.

Spring Term

To start this term off we have created a vet role play area which the children love!



Antarctic Explorer

Wow Foundation loved meeting John Killingbeck who has explored and travelled Antartica several times. John kindly bought in his 12ft sledge, husky harnesses , Antarctic clothes (and much more) for the children to see and handle. Foundation were fascinated by his wonderful stories, thank you John!

Arctic Investigation

Today Foundation had to work out how to help the frozen arctic animals escape the iceberg. The children made observations about the effect salt, cold water, warm water and tapping the ice had. They were fantastic at finding new ways to solve problems and making links to their own experiences of ice.

Welcome to The Arctic 

We have transformed our classroom into The Arctic. Foundation love learning about Arctic Facts and have chosen 3 animals in particular to learn about: arctic fox,polar bear and a walrus. Foundation love learning the big scientific words ‘camouflaged’, ‘blubber’ and ‘transparent’.

Measuring in Maths 

This week we are learning about measuring. Foundation enjoyed measuring their partners height using non-standard methods. It was also a fantastic lesson because the children were counting the number of objects used and using language related to length.

Welly Wednesday

This week we used a kelly kettle to boil water and make hot chocolate. The children were very good at being safe and listening around the fire. We also had tyres and other resources to play with.



(Welly Wednesday Witch Wands)

After reading ‘Room on the Broom’ the children went to the Conservation Area and made their own wands. The children were all using ‘magic’ words to cast spells. There were lots of spells that turned their teachers into horrid and silly creatures! 🙂

Balance Ability

Foundation had 5 amazing sessions on the balance bikes this week. Andy and Carlie taught the children lot of different balancing skills to help them learn to ride a bike. It was also useful for the children who could already ride bikes. Nearly all of the class could ride a pedal bike on their own at the end.

Welcome Assembly

Well done to Foundation for taking part in their special Welcome Assembly. You have all had a wonderful first half term in school and we are so proud of you!!


Welly Wednesday

Foundation LOVE Welly Wednesdays. Below are some photos of us making mud cakes, going on bug bunts and working as a team to build dens.

Reading Workshop

Here is the link to a website which will help you at home with the ‘pure sounds’ each letter makes.


Please scroll down the page until you find the  ‘Phonics audio guide: how to say the sounds’.