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Teachers: jennylane@whitchurch-primary.devon.sch.uk


Nocturnal Animals

This week we are exploring what it it’s like to be a nocturnal animal. In the classroom we have our dark hideout and torches to help us explore the dark.

Painting using broccoli

Foundation Welcome to Whitchurch 

Today we welcomed our new Foundation Stage children to our Whitchurch family. We all loved getting our special Whitchurch bears and certificates. We celebrated with a teddy bear picnic.


Autumn Fun

We have been exploring pumpkins and squashes using tools such as spoons, tweezers and hammers. We also enjoyed learning how to play conkers.


‘It’s My Birthday’

This week we used the story ‘It’s My Birthday’ By Helen Oxenbury as the centre of our learning. Foundation have immersed themselves in our bakery role-play, made mud cakes and enjoyed using the character masks.

Mini Me’s

Foundation are enjoying playing with little versions of themselves and their teachers. This activity encourages them to role play and communicate with their friends.

Autumn Leaf Art

After going on a welly walk, Foundation collected Autumn leaves then made their own leaf picture. They are on display in the classroom.

Bug Hunts

Foundation really enjoyed exploring our outdoor area so we decided to go on a bug hunt.