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This week we were lucky enough to have the Tavistock Boxing Club coaches come to visit us. They taught Foundation how to stand and we played some games. Foundation really enjoyed this experience. Thank you!


This term we are using the story book ‘Supertato’ to start our topic ‘Superheroes’. Foundation love the story! Below are images of us counting and sorting potatoes, us creating our own Supertatos and then taking them on a walk to find infamous Evil Pea!

We love Christmas

In Foundation we are feeling really festive. We have made ginger bread men, we met Father Christmas, we have wrapped presents, written cards to our friends, made melting snowmen biscuits and much much more!


Wow! Foundation were such super stars in their first Nativity.


Last week Foundation showed an interest in creating and making things. In the sand outside they made a factory. Today we watched a video of the process apples go through; from being picked, to arriving in the factory and all the machines that wash, prepare and box them up, to being delivered at the supermarket. We created our own apple factory. The photos show the children ordering 3 apples by size, cutting them out, sharing the delivery trucks and then sorting the apples by size into boxes.


Foundation learnt about knights having different shields. Shields have pictures on them so others know who they are; wearing full armour makes it hard for knights to know who is under the armour. We learnt how different colours on shields mean different things: black is for cleverness, red is for fighting, blue is for truth, gold for family and green for happiness. The children then designed their own shield based on these colours and things they like.

Zog the Dragon


This week Foundation are learning about dragons. We read the story ‘ZOG’ and decided to create our own. We used our hand prints to act as scales. Zog is over 7 ft tall and we now need to find him a home.

Well done Foundation for working together.

We love sounds

Some of Foundation have been outside drawing huge chalk pictures of themselves. They are as wide as the playground!

Now that we know lots of sounds, we have made CVC words using flour and letters. This is great because we get a bit messy!


More Castles!




This week we have learnt about castles. We now know the key features of a castle and who lives in them. We created a list of things our own castle would need: walls, flags, a moat, a draw bridge and a large door. In groups Foundation worked together to build a castle.

Making Potions

This afternoon we read the story ‘Room on the Broom’ and talked about cauldrons and making potions. The children made their own magic potions using a mix of exciting materials. It was also a great chance to explore capacity, be imaginative and creative with different resources.

We are photographers

As part of our continuous provision, lots of the children have had the chance to be a photographer. Here are some of the pictures they have taken (Foundation especially like selfies!):

Welly Wednesday

Each Wednesday Foundation put on their coats and wellies and head outside. After making bird food on Monday, we hung the feeders to the trees. We went on a bug hunt, some of us used the rake like Percy the Park Keeper to collect leaves. We also had the ‘Honkeys’ out (horse/donkey) which are great for motor control.


Owl Toast

Today the children made owl toast. They used the toaster, spread the butter and cut fruit. They tasted delicious and enjoyed eating their owl creations. Some of the toast made the children turn into owls. Again, we had a hoot!

Nocturnal Animals

After learning about Owls, we moved on to identify other Nocturnal Animals. The children enjoyed going into our very dark nocturnal hideout to see what it is like for animals in the night time. The children loved being in the dark using torches to see.


Maths- shape

This week in Maths we have been learning about shape. We have been doing lots of varied activities with shape, such as: large building, shape printing, looking and recording shapes in our environment. Today we finished our shape work by making these scrummy shape biscuits.

Clay Owls

Following on from our owl visit the children each made an owl out of clay. They used sculpting tools to create the effect of wings, feathers, beaks and eyes.

Once they are dry we will be painting them.

Owl Visit

KS1 were so lucky because they met 3 different owls today. They met a Tawny Owl, Barn owl and tiny Indian Scops owl. All the children were ever so brave and touched the owls. Seeing the owls was a perfect experience for Foundation because we have been doing lots of work around the story ‘Owl Babies.

Welcome Assembly

Foundation were welcomed to Whitchurch school in a special assembly. They children were greeted by their house captains and our school Governor Mr Smerdon. Each child received a welcome certificate and a Whitchurch Teddy Bear.



Maths Challenges

This week in Maths the children have a building challenge. They also have a car park where the children are matching the correct digits. Some of us are learning to recognise numbers, and some of us are learning the count objects.