Maths Target Booklets

We have put together some Maths booklets which are designed to inform you about your child’s learning in Numeracy (Mathematics)

Each year group has three booklets, one for each term. The booklets contain a list of the topics that your child will / has been studying each term and some suggested activities for you to try at home to help consolidate the learning.

The booklets are in PDF file formats. You will need adobe acrobat reader to view them which can be downloaded for free at:

To save the file “right-click and save as

Autumn                                                       Spring                                            Summer

reception                                                        reception                                        reception

Year 1                                                              Year 1                                               Year 1

Year 2                                                             Year 2                                               Year 2

Year 3                                                            Year 3                                               Year 3

Year 4                                                            Year 4                                               Year 4

Year 5                                                            Year 5                                               Year 5

Year 6                                                            Year 6                                              Year 6